Awesome 3500 sq. ft. Metal Home Building Kit –Buy it on Ebay for $43,795

Awesome 3500 sq. ft. Metal Home Building Kit –Buy it on Ebay for $43,795
Now you have easy option in having a house, buy it as kit. Yes, like your knock-down furniture, buy your house as a kit. You can even buy it on EBay.

This handiness of this pre-engineered Metal Home Building Kit probably is one of main factor of why these home kits are getting popular, aside of their affordable price and robust building quality. All you have to prepare is the land and your house’s ready in a flash. Interested?

Buy Your Metal Home Building Kit on eBay

For this 3,500 sq. ft. metal home building kit, you’ll need $43,795. This price’s cheap if you consider the 3,500 sq. Feet floor plan.

Even with the additional costs for permits, furniture, doors, windows, and foundation, this the overall cost’s still very affordable. If you’re interested, – click here.

The Elegant Barn Style Metal Home Building

This metal home building kit has vintage-looking barn style from the outside. A now popular barndominium style. To add the charms you can see 2 dormer windows on the roof.

The front covered porch is enough to shelter you from any elements. What about the metal quality? All comes with the building standard materials. Even, for the roof and porch, you’ll get 45 years warranty.

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Front view of the house

The side view of the house

The Large and Customable Interior

Inside you have enough room for any of floor plans in your mind. With the area covered, this house can hold a big family, or even you can make it a workshop or even an office, and still have plenty of space left for any room. Because this home interior’s also highly customable.

A highly customable interior

Setting the Interior Metal Home Building Kit

Living in subtropical/cold region needing you to make special preparation before installing your wall and ceiling. This includes adding padding or insulation. This ensure your comfort in winter time. These insulation stuff also reduce rain or outer noises considerably.

Padding for wall and ceiling insulation

Inside, with Boarding Finished

You’ll only see inside beauty after all the interior got boarded. In this illustration, you see a room with regular wall boards with white finish, and the one with wooden boards with its warm and pleasant wooden color.

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A view of finished rooms on the second floor

A close-up of finished rooms on the second floor with its semi-industrial finishes

A view of finished rooms on the ground floor

Wooden Panel for Warm and Cozy Living

To get rid of the cold metal atmosphere, the house interior got wooden panels, like the illustration shown here. Along with pleasant and warm air, this wooden panels also provide additional insulation, making your metal home building even cozier all year round.

Wooden board paneling on the second floor gives a warm and cozy air to the room

Wooden board paneling on the ground blends well with the stone structure of the fireplace

The Superb Modern Minimalist Kitchen

To complete this awesome metal home building house, you’ll also have a delightful kitchen. This modern minimalist kitchen will be your partner in trying your favorite recipes, or just in preparing your sandwiches.

The modern minimalist kitchen

That’s all of your metal home building kit. If you’re interested and need further information, you can always click here. For now, we hope this little article helps you to find your ideal home. Have a nice day.

James Parkinson