25 Awesome Detached Garage Inspirations for Your House

Why you need a detached garage? Because it’s cool. It’s also great for the overall house look. You have a neat standalone house without garage as its tails (or wings).

Your detached garage also offers new awesome sight from your house. Now if you want to have some inspirations, here are some 25 detached garage ideas for you.

1. Rustic Detached Garage in Log Cabin Style


A log cabin always gives you the warmest feeling. Here you have a detached garage in log cabin style.

In a flash, it looks like the old and comfortable log cabin. But what you see here is a detached garage. It looks vintage but cozy. A nice 2-car garage.

2. A Classic Back-of-the-house Garage


Now if you want something American classic garage, here’s your choice. It’s at the back end of the house, with path from the front gate right into the garage door.

Your house still your most beloved facade, And your car still have its own parking place.

3. A Cute Little Garage Next to Your Home


Not only your house’s cute, you can have the cutest detached garage as well. Put this 2-car garage next to your house and feel the rustic and neat air. And see the color combinations as well. Cute.

4. Red Detached Garage, Barn Style


Love a ranch living? Then try this detached garage idea. It has the snug barn style. It also roomy enough for three cars.

You even can convert the upper parts into rooms, for any of your purposes. The red finish makes this garage looks warm and welcoming.

5. Detached Garage with Gambrel Roof


It’s a garage, not a chic house out of bygone era. This 2 car garage offers a magnificent classic tone with is classic style. The gambrel roof offers is the real treat here. It levels up the already nice facade.

6. A Detached Garage Idea with Stone Facade


This garage brings a simple beauty for you. It has naked facade made of stones. Though so, with a lovely classic-retro style, this garage looks elegant and timeless. This garage’s enough for 3 cars and great enough for the eyes.

7. Out-Garage in Wooden Country Style


This garage looks peaceful with its country style wooden cladding. It has simple-classic design, and it still retains the serene atmosphere of an open America living. Build one for yourself, your 2 cars can sit in it, snugly, in country style.

8. Detached Garage with Connecting Bridge


Yes, you need a detached garage. But you also don’t want to get wet or burn when you want to get into your car from the house.

So, build a connecting bridge like this example. You’ll be happy all the time without being worry of rain or scorching sun.

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9. Vintage Wooden Garage


Vintage means old time comfort. Most of us think so. And this detached garage designer has the same thought as well.

This detached garage idea brings joy and warmness in its naked-vintage style This 2 cars garage also offers plenty of rooms above for your workshop or any other purposes.

10. Lonesome Beautiful Garage


Build your garage far enough from your house maybe a good idea. It gives room for your eyes, especially with a handsome 2-car garage like this.

From afar it look stunning in its elegant style. Getting near, it even more awesome.

11. Outdoor Garage with Big Single Door


This garage can house up to 2 cars, and it still have plenty of room for your workshop or others.

It also has elegant exterior finish, with wood board wall. The single big garage door means that you have neater and clutter free look.

12. Sea Based Detached Garage


Having a nice house by the sea is good. Completing the house with a detached garage is great. This garage might inspire you with its shingle-board wall.

This garage can hold 2 cars. A connecting bridge serves a safe hub between your house and this garage, It also provides you tons of sea breeze.

13. Neat Detached Garages in Row Style


A neat garage is a must. And if it has beauty, you must have it. This garage has it all. The slightly asymmetrical layout makes it look charming and different. It also looks spacious. You can house 3 cars in it.

14. Affordable Outdoor Garage


If you need a budget detached garage, this one suits you well. It has simple design, and it made of affordable vinyl boards.

Build this garage next to the house and enjoy a simple and rugged garage. It will color and complement your house.

15. Detached Garage in Half-Timbered Style


Build your garage in half-timbered style, and see the beauty. This detached garage is your perfect example. It has an atmosphere of old England.

And with your cars in it, surely this garage will be the most gorgeous garage in your neighborhood.

16. A 2-car Garage with Workshop


After long busy days, it’s time to cool down a bit. Back to your old hobbies tinkering with stuff in your warm and comfortable workshop in your garage.

A detached garage ensures you and your family’s privacy. This garage can be the inspiration. It’s huge and has side room for your workshop. It’s also gorgeous.

17. Detached Garage with Slab Stone Facade


Stone feels solid. A stone facade inspire you for a solid home and solid living. This garage with slab stone facade also inspire the same.

It make you feel proud. It its simple country style, it also gives you the cozy feeling. It cozy for your 2 cars as well.

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18. Elegant Brick Garage


Here you have an elegant brick garage. This standalone garage looks stunning with its vintage finish and slightly curving roof.

It holds 2 cars and still have plenty of room for any purposes. To compliment your brick mansion, having this garage this a good idea.

19. Homey Garage with Slab Stone-Wood Cladding


This garage looks like a neat small house. It even has its own veranda. Below the roof is a room, snug enough for your private time.

The garage has charming facade, a combination of slab stones and wood board cladding. Set one next to your house, and make it your favorite spot.

20. Luxurious Minimalist Garage for 4 Cars


Having a garage spacious enough for your prized cars is easy. But to have it able to show and protects your cars at once is a challenge.

This minimalist garage is a great idea to start. It has showroom-like atmosphere, it also protects your car well. And it’s spacious enough to hold 4 cars.

21. Vintage High-Class Garage


In place of best horses, now is exotic cars. In place of stable is rows, now is rows of garage. But it’s on the same elegant high-class mansion.

If you have no problem with budget, try this garage inspiration. With this one, you won’t have to shout to get attention. It speaks for you.

22. Charming Garage in Mediterranean Style


You always warm and cozy with a Mediterranean style. And this not only apply to houses. Garage is also included.

This one is your perfect example. You can put up to 3 cars in this charming garage.

23. Big House And a Huge Garage


A big house and a big garage is a great duo. The one complements the other. In case you have a plane to redo your house, you can take a look to this inspiration.

This big house build in line with the garage. The result is a house with garage that blended nicely with the house.

24. A Perky Underground Garage


Having limited space doesn’t mean to have parked your car on the street. Go down instead. Build your garage underground.

Like this example, all you need is a good planning and robust hydraulic levers. And you have a cool underground garage.

25. Simple Garage for Cozy Living


This garage ensures your 2 cars fully protected from the elements. It also has elegant style, simple but beautiful.

As the accent, paths of grasses set on the front. It adds charms and freshness as well. Try it.

So far you have some 25 detached garage ideas. Have some inspiration yet? Hope so. Enjoy your day and start your project.

James Parkinson