Awesome Metal Barndominium Home with Large Garage

Barndominium is a new trend. And its fans is getting bigger. For the still uninformed few, barndominium is condo from a converted barn. That’s just a rough definition.

But, in short, you’ll have the rustic live of a farmland in the comfort of a condo in this barndominium. Here’s an excellent example, a metal barndominium by Morton Buildings in Colorado, Texas.

This barndo has total 6640 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. It’s featured with large garage, 5000 sq.ft. Interested? Let’s take a look at its charming features.

Barndominium, Front, Side, and Top Views

In sunny days, you’ll see this barndominium looks charming in its simple barn style. From the front, side, or the top, it always shines the air of rustic and idylic farmland. Nice.


Front view of the house

Side view of the house

Front top of the house

Barndominium at Night

Not only it delights you on the daylight, you’ll also love this metal barndominium at night. When the lamps start to illuminate the house and its surroundings, it’s time to enjoy your night. Outside, you even see the illuminated water fountain in the pond.

The delightful night View

The cozy porch at night

The Cook Haven

This Southern kitchen will be your partner in your cooking activities. Whether it’s just making sandwiches, light breakfast, or preparing your family recipes, this kitchen will never let you down.

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The Southern kitchen

Kitchen and living room

Cozy and Warm Interior

It look light and cold with metal exterior, but you have to see the interior, mainly its living room. You’ll see the combination of wood ceiling and the furniture blends calmly, promising a comfortable evening with family and friends.

The cozy living room

Living room from the kitchen

Bedrooms for Large Family

This metal barndominium has ample bedrooms for large family. It has a master bedroom and 2 additional bedrooms. So, this house can hold up to 6 family members snugly.

The comfortable bedroom

Other view of the bedroom

The master bedroom

Vintage Southern Furniture

Without the suitable furniture, this metal barndominium will look bland. So, came the Southern furniture. Just take a look at the cabinet set. They lend a delightful air of a farmland.

Charming vintage Southern cabinet

Retro modern chest

The Bathrooms

This metal barndominium has 2 bathrooms. The master bed has its own bathroom, while the other two share a common bathroom. All are in cute modern farmland bathroom style.

The classic farm house bathroom

Modern wash basin

The contemporary toilet and shower with glass panels

The Breezy Pond, Fountain, and Lawn

This green metal barndominium also boasts its beautiful pond. It sits right in front of the house, complete with its fresh fountain in the middle. It surrounded with lawn and trees, keeping you barndo cool and breezy.

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The pond offer peaceful and breezy days

The Hugging Porch

If the lawn or grooves of three can’t shield you from the elements, you still do any of your outdoor activities under your metal barndominium porch. The house almost is surrounded by the porch, it looks hugging the house and ready to serve you for any of your activities.

Rear porch of the house

Side view of the rear porch

Another rear view of the rear porch

Rear view of the porch again

The Large Garage

As an additional bonus, this metal barndominium comes with a large garage, 5000 sq.ft. It’s just like a small house. Like in this picture, a medium camper bus loads easily into this garage –and still have lots of parking area for other cars or vehicles. You also can covert part of this garage into your workshop or a storage system.

The gigantic garage can hold many cars, tractors, and many more

Side view of the massive garage

So, interested with this metal barndominium? You can always contact Morton Buildings in Colorado, Texas, for more detailed information. As for now, we hope you enjoy this small article. Have a good day.


James Parkinson