Top 20 Awesome Barndominium Design Ideas

If you’re into in this barndominium style, we have some awesome 20+ barndominium inspirations. Let’s check it out.

1. Elegant Barndominium in Colonial Style

Now you can convert your rugged barn into an elegant and stylish colonial barndominium, like this one.

2. A 2-story Modern Barndominium Design Ideas

Convert your barn into a 2-story building, like this one. It’s affordable and faster to build. And you have plenty of room for your families.

Complete your barndominium with elegant kitchen. And to add the charm, put this charming rustic wooden island table in it. It will be great.

3. Big and Rustic Modern Barndominium

This modern barndominium offers you a rustic looks. It also gives you the serenity atmosphere you need to escape from modern rush hours.

4. Huge Barndominium with Classic Gambrel Roof

Need a classic-looking barndominium? This one suits you well. Outside, you have a barn with classic gambrel roof on it. Combined with minimalist front, you have a great barndominium.

5. Big Modern-Industrial Barndominium

This barndominium looks for someone who love modern-industrial look. It gives you a bare, rugged, and efficient exterior. But inside you’ll find the most modern living stuff.

6. Barndominium with Red Wood Cladding Design Ideas

This barndominium offers a classic look for the outside, with wood cladding in red. Accented with white, this barndomominium’s truly American classic.

7. Modern Barndominium in Regular Barn Style

You have a real barn as the exterior. It’s robust and simplistic in design. That’s all about the exterior. Inside you find a condo with all the pleasant features.

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8. Luxurious and Elegant Barndominium

If you want something different out of your barn, turn it into this one. You’ll have a cozy luxurious barndominium. It comes in 3 parts, and all are in pleasant minimalist designs.

9. Contemporary-Minimalist Barndominium Design Ideas

Convert your barn into a contemporary stylish barndominium like this one. It’s neat all over, interior or exterior. And it also gives you fresher look, compared to the conventional barndomonium.

10. Classic Barndominum with Loft

Here you have a tall barndominium in classic barn style. It’s a 3-story building with loft in it. With a barn-like building, it offers plenty of room inside. Plus the loft, it even roomier for the whole family.

11. Rustic Wooden Island Table for Barndominium

12. Pleasant Wood Barndominium with Loft

A loft make your house more efficient. It converts unused spaces into rooms which you can use for any purposes. This wood barndo is not only has a useful loft, but also pleasantly warm in wood theme.

13. Small Barndominium with Loft

A small barn converted into a cozy house, and this is the result. You have a tall barndominium, looks charming and complete with the loft ready for any of your purposes.

14. Old School Wood Barndominium Design Ideas

Find a wooden barn, add an awning then you have a barndominium. Inside, put an additional floor, make it a 2-story house. And you have some spacious and pleasant barndominium.

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15. Lovely Loft for Comfortable Haven Design Ideas

Seeing this loft is seeing a nice and cozy place. It suits well with your purpose of being alone surrounded by warm woody atmosphere. It’s just nice.

16. Cool and Simple Loft for Barndominium

If you need additional room without adding new building, try a loft instead. Moving up and make your loft, like this one. It’s cozy and adding nice point-of-interest to the room.

17. Loft in 2-story Barndominium Design Ideas

If a barn is still not enough for family daily needs, add the barn with loft. This illustration is one of the best example. You have a 2—story barndominium with neat loft on it.

18. Charming Dining room for a Barndominium

The open layout of a barn making the room arrangement relatively easy. This dining room layout is the example.

19. Elegant and Comfortable Living Room for Barndominium

A living room is a social hub for the family. It should pleasant and cozy for all of the family activities. This inspiration suits well if you need an elegant and comfortable living room.

20. Classic-Modern Barndominium Sitting Room

Try this living room style for your new barndominium. You’ll have classic and modern living room. Nice.

21. Retro-Minimalist Barndominium Dining Room

A big family needs a big dining room. This barndominium offers bigger dining room for your bigger family. It would be great dining every time.

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