Best Metal Barndominium Floor Plans With Pictures

When a gorgeous barndominium house plan is needed, this floor plan will save your day. A barndominium blends the rustic barn style with the comfortable modern living amenities.

It’s vintage yet modern in one sweep. Gorgeous. This simple one-story barndominium is suitable for your desire to have an open and spacious home in the country.

Morton Buildings designs this house, and if you want to further your imagination, several pictures are included. Let’s start.

1. The Overall 40’W x 11’H x 80’L + 24’W x 11’H x 30’L Barndominium Floor Plans

This barndominium has a simple L floor plan. This plan enables the whole family to have an open outside and inside views. The rooms wraps around a great room, a spacious kitchen, and dining area.

It has 3 bedrooms, with master bedroom away from the other bedrooms for more privacy, and has its own bathroom (plus a walk-in closet). For your ride, a 2-car garage is available. A wrap-around porch serves you for any outdoor activities.

2. A Fresh Choice for A Family who Love Open Landscape

This barndominium wants you to life fresh and full of freedom amid the lush field in the country side. This house offers plenty of outdoors activities.

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It wrap-around covered porch further enable you to do your outdoor activities when the weather is bad. The big windows over more natural light to pour into the house, and let the owners enjoy the greenery outside freely.ranch-barn-house

3. Beautiful Lighting System for Enchanting Nights

A good house is nothing without proper lighting, naturally or artificially. Naturally, the interior has plenty of light from the big windows and properly the arranged ventilation systems.

Outside, as the sun goes down, the handsome exterior lighting will light up the surrounding, giving off a beautiful shadow on the calm pond. Man-made lighting blends beautifully with the nature.

4. Durable Metal Roofing

A barn style in this barndominium house is applied to the utmost, not excepting the roof. This house use metal roofing. This type of roof has several benefits, compared to the conventional roofing.

This metal stuff is very flexible to set and can accommodate all type of roofing easily. Further benefit of metal roof is that it light and easy to maintain. The material also very durable and can withstand even the severest weather.

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This barndominium uses a charming metal roof, painted red to balance the white-dominated wall and sidings.

5. A Charming Combination of Brick Wall and Metal Sidings

This barndominium use a combination of brick wall and metal sidings. As you can see from the picture, the brick wall blends well with sidings from metal. They hug the big windows neatly, giving a light and cheerful effects. The olive green metal complies with natural reddish bricks.

And all of them are balanced by the light white of the ceilings, window frames, and the porch pillars. Overall, you have a simple yet elegant sidings with this barndominium. Lastly, it also offers low maintainance cost.

That’s our gorgeous barndominium house plan. The floor plans plus its exterior pictures are laid out, so you can imagine the comfort and the style. We hope this can inspire you in building your dream house.

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