20 Awesome Boys Bedroom Ideas (with Simple Tips to Make Them Better)

Boys need freedom, but they also need time to be alone as well. For these reasons, they need their own bedrooms. Not like the girls’, boys room tend to be simple and practical. If now you’re looking for ideas for your boys bedroom ideas, here we present 20 coolest of them. Let’s check it out.

1. A Big World Map

As an alternative of patterns or accent paints, you can use big world map as an accent to the boy bedroom. This not only light up the room with its colors, but also can serve as a source of knowledge to the boy.

2. Simple Industrial Boys Bedroom Ideas with Concrete

Naked concrete and bare furniture with minimal finish present a masculine look, which is cool for a boys bedroom ideas. A combination of concrete wall (polished or with matte finish) with high ceiling creates a spacious air. In this example, the grey concrete combines well with wood and metal colors, and create a really manly bedroom for boys.

3. Boys Bedroom Ideas for Limited Room with Neutral Colors

A limited/ small room won’t present problem for a boy bedroom if you stick to minimalist design. This example shows you how. For the bed, choose an elevated bed, so you can put working station under it. Overall, put neutral color to the room, to make it light and feel airy. A splash of blue is for the mood booster.

4. Boys Bedroom Idea, Monochrome style

As they grow older, the boys tend to lose their interest in colorful and playful children room. They begin to like simple design and color tones. Monochrome then become the plausible choice. They like neutral colors like white, black, grey, dark blue, and all their shades. They offers simple but cozy air to the room.

5. Shared Boys Bedroom Ideas

You have two bed options here: a double single bed or a bun bed. A bunk bed is a good solution for a small room. For larger rooms, you can set two single beds. But, these arrangements are only for boys age 3-10 years old. Above the range, the boys tend to need their own room for more privacy.

6. Startrooper for Boys Room

For generations, Star Wars has sparked the imagination of millions around the world. And now it still do, and still inspires the boys. So, why not set their bedroom in Star Wars theme? In this example, the Stormtrooper is depicted as the main wall decoration. Combined with minimalist style, it presents a great boy bedroom.

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7. Bedroom for Boys with Musical Mind

Boys will be boys, and they will always love music. A boy room with music is always a good idea. A combination of grey-monochrome pallet of the room with music instruments as the accenting details, such as this example, offers a masculine bedroom style which simply can’t be resisted.

8. Boys bedroom in Sporty Theme

A sportive mind needs a sportive bed room. This room is only of the example. It’s accented with rings of basketball, reminds the boys of a basketball field. To further enhance the effect, paint the room in natural color, and accent it with contrasting colors –like the brown stripes on the example.

9. Pay Attention to the Window Area

Optimize the window in a boy bedroom. Window plays important part in a boy activities. So, pay attention to it. You can set the bedroom next to it. You can also put a seating on it with book shelves nearby. Decor the window with neutral color, and it will be your boy’s favorite place.

10. Set a focal Point

A focal point focuses the attention to one object. In a boy bedroom, the best spot to put the focal point is on the wall behind the headboard. You can create it from the boy’s idols, or the portrait of the boy himself. To add dynamic, play some pattern on the portrait, such as horizontal lines on the portrait of the example.

11. Don’t Forget the Action Figures

Action figures are part of most boys’ life, so don’t forget to fix some shelves for their action figures collection on their room. Arrange the shelves so that they easy to reach, and the boys can arrange the figures without trouble. To focus on the collection, paint the room on neutral colors, like white or grey.

12. Add Accent Colors

A dynamic boy won’t love to have a straight bedroom, he needs a streak of difference now and there. So give their room accent color. If previously he had a monochrome room color, it gives a fresh look to the room.

13. Add an Ample Study Bedroom

As the boys grow up and begin their schooling, add a working station where they can learn or doing their school task. This picture is an example of effective setting of a study bedroom. It’s built as an integral part of the bed, and it’s large enough to accommodate the boy’s needs.

14. Set the Bed Against the Wall

If you have limited room and can’t set the bed in the middle of the room (as usual), then set the bed against the wall. And then put the study next the window. In the example, it create a roomy space in between them. Add accent color on one wall, and put some decoration on the wall.

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15. Rustic-Industrial Boys Bedroom Ideas

A combination of exposes bricks and bare beams (plus darker color tone) create a growing up suitable boy bedroom. The effects resulted a masculine tone which will always be loved by the boy. This industrial-rustic is great for the boys and for your budget.

16. Beanbags for Cozy Boy Bedroom

To add a refreshing look and comfort, add beanbags to a boy room. They can use it as a sitting place as the do their activities (or gaming) with friends. The beanbags also offers a casual and warm touch to the room. And don’t forget to put carpet with compatible color under them, these will be your boy favorite spot.

17. Experiment with Masculine Patterns

Fill the wall of boy’s room with masculine patterns. As the boy grows older, their choice of patterns may become less complicated and goes to simpler pattern. So, choose asymmetry or hexagonal patterns, and put it on the wall behind the headboard. Combine it with wooden patterns of furniture or flooring.

18. Play with the Light

Don’t forget to light up the boys bedrooms. Yes, light those up as the boys’ imagination go. Put in some unique lighting fixture. The fixtures will create special ambient that will shine up the room in special way that looks cool to them and their friends.

19. Boys Bedroom Ideas, Outer Space Theme

Outer space always fascinates boys. Rockets, Star systems, planetary tracks, Moon landing, are some of the sources of joy to their fertile minds. So, put some outer space stuff on his bedroom: star map on the wall, hang planetary system from the ceiling, and other stuff. These will spark their imagination even more.

20. Room for Active Boys Ideas

For boys with adventurous mind, set a room which really represents their needs. In this example, a boy full of energy has a charming room complete with a wall climbing panel. This panel will channel all their energy into positive goals.

That’s all the 20 list of, we hope, awesome boys bedroom ideas. You can combine two or more of the ideas to get a really boys rooms that you love. Or you have had already one? Great.

James Parkinson