15 Briliant Bullet Journal Ideas that Can Boost Your Mood

These days we can find many people who are popular in social media for their creativity making stunning bullet journal. We suddenly want to make our own bullet journal, but it is a way more frustrating because we have no skill about it and have no experience at all.

Here is the compilation of best brilliant bullet journal ideas you can see as inspiration, those bullet journals are excellent for everyone to get started. You will need to make page ideas, doodle, layout designs, and many more. If you do not have any bullet journal yet, it will be a good time to start it and make your own life document with creative design.

Cute Key Bullet Journal

To get started making bullet journal, you need to consider first about the style and feature of it. Establishing the key will be a cute idea. You can have the layout for your own bullet journal like what the example below. The bullet journal must include to do list, date, tracker, and also indicators. The weather information is also very good and charming. Create cool weather icons, and key symbols, those are simple yet charming bullet journal ideas.

Cool Doodle Bullet Journals

Bullet journals must include several important information, so you can keep-organized. The bullet journal also functions as life document so years later you will smile seeing your own bullet journal from the past. For beginners, consider to make cool doodle that includes header, banner, and many more. You can make it looks professional, to depict dates and titles.

Simple Daily Layout Bullet Journal

Something simple but cute is always people’s favorite. There are not too overdoing designs which makes it overlooking. You can literally make it stunning simply by having daily basis layout for a day. Some people also make bullet journal monthly or yearly. See the photo here, it is a simple yet brilliant idea to spark your creativity. Something linear but chic will make you satisfy.

Bullet Journal Page

Creating page of bullet journal will be a brilliant idea. Everyone can customize their own bullet journal, also by making journal pages. Make a layout, see the design ideas in the photo here. You also can see the more ideas from Youtube channels of several bullet journal bloggers. Find the more inspiration to practice your creativity.

Meal Planning Bullet Journal

Make a functional and reusable bullet journal to document your life including making a meal plan. It is very helpful especially for someone who do diet program. Simply make a different meal ideas, and move around next week. Here is the example of meal planning bullet journal which is very excellent. Be discipline but still flexible, it will be something very fun.

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Birthday Bullet Journal Layout

By making birthday bullet journal layout, you have much ideas about the birthday coming up this month. So you can prepare everything earlier especially for someone special in your life, like friends or family member.

TV Show Bullet Journal

You can make a TV show bullet journal layout. It is so much helpful so you can track your favorite TV program or TV shows. It is little bit frivolous, but of course it is very practical. You can make a note about your favorite program and its schedule.

Self-care Layout Bullet Journal

Making a self-care bullet journal is also very important. You can make a plan of your morning, day and night daily routine. It helps you tracking what you need to do, and preparing it ways better. In the middle of your hectic life, this self-care bullet journal is so much helpful.

Cleaning Schedule Bullet Journal

Some people have issue about cleaning house, so the cleaning schedule made in bullet journal will be very helpful. You will have a list you can check off, believe me it will be the more exciting. You also will be more accomplished and productive when you make a cleaning plan and finish it on time according to schedule. Checklist after it has finished. This bullet journal is also reusable.

House Project Layout Ideas

Making a house project also will be so much helpful. The house project layout helps you to make checklist of what to do, its budget and its priority. It helps you from being overwhelming and helps you stay-organized.

Travel Layout Ideas

Do you love traveling? You need to make a layout or checklist about your travel plan. You can make a checklist about amazing places you want to go.

Trip Plan Bullet Journal

Trip plan bullet journal is a sophisticated idea to help you planning a trip in detail. It also consists several information including places that you want to go, date, venue, budget and duration.

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Travel Packing List Layout

Travel packing list layout will be a very helpful idea to help you preparing everything you want to take. Make a checklist of things and stuffs to bring, and make sure they are well-organized in your luggage. Making a list of belongings will help you having peace of mind before and during the trip.

Log of Memories

Create an amazing record about every amazing thing that happens to your life. You need to make a brief information about many memorable moments, the date, and do not forget to make it playful with arty look. The memory log like in this photo is very fascinating and beautiful. When you see it in the future, you can remember every detail happen.

Log of Spending

It is also very important to make a note about your spending daily, weekly and monthly. It is very helpful to control your spending and avoid being overbudget. Include date, store, items, and what method you use to pay. Include also the balance. It will help you tracking everything you purchase.

Bill Tracker Bullet Journal

If you have a bill, it will be very important to make such a very brilliant bill tracker bullet journal you make in a single page. This will be very helpful as reminder and also to track how long have you been pay it. Some people pay bills using autopayment, sometimes it makes us forget to fill our bill tracker.

Fitness Tracker Bullet Journals

If you are doing a fitness routine, you need to make a fitness tracker in your bullet journal. It helps you a lot to track your fitness activity, also to track whether you have reached your goal or not. Set your own goal in advance, decide what kind of exercise you want to do.

Books to Read/Movies to Watch



Make a list about books to read and movies to watch. Make it as list or books arrangement. This will be an amazing idea so you will not miss any movie and books must read.

Gifts and Wish List Layout

Making a layout about gifts and wishes are also very excellent idea. When you have an idea about gifts for mom or special one, you can simply note it in your journal, so you will never forget it. This is a classic thing and will be perfectly helpful for you.

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