25 Awesome Bullet Journal Ideas to Boost your Motivation

Journaling is a great way to creatively log your day. You can create lists for life, food, birthday, anniversary or even tasks. You also need bullet journal ideas that can keep you motivated at work.

It sounds easily you can make. But here, sometimes when you want to make this stunning idea and already begin to write, you lack inspirations or ideas and don’t know how to start.

So, don’t worry, here we come. This article at least will provide 25 awesome bullet journal ideas that might be the ideal solution for you.

If you don’t have a bullet journal yet, it’s a good start for you to review the ideas first before you are going to create your own.

But for you, who have tried it before, try out one of these lists and make it with the different style.

1. Meal Planning Ideas

You can be a better meal planner. How come? Let’s see the example of the picture layout above.

This meal plan is an example for a weekly basis which what you want to make for that week (meal and dinner) and what you want to shop in the shopping list checklist.

The colorful look inspires you that having a journal and making a meal plan are not so tiresome to do.

2. Birthday Journal Page Layout Ideas

Do you always forget your family and friends’ birthday? Or do you always know it only from social media?

Why not try to create your own birthday page layout also to your bullet journal.

In this case, this idea will help you to keep you track your important people birthday in your life.

The colorful design still can give an interesting touch for this journal if you want.

3. TV Show Bullet Journal Ideas

Your bullet journal can be functioned to track the TV shows you want to watch.

It means you will have the TV show page too. The picture above is one example that you can try.

It may be a bit frivolous, but it’s so practical to do. You make a list of series TV shows you want to watch the whole season without missing one.

All of them are written in your bullet journal. It’s so pretty cool!

4. Ideas for Self-Care Layout

Lots of work and tasks should be accomplished sometimes make you forget how to treat and care for yourself. Life is so heavy without having a me-time.

You need to create one page only for self-care. Well, you can invest what you can give for yourself on your daily or weekend plans to give you energy and care from now.

5. Cleaning Schedule Bullet Journal Ideas

Actually what you love about bullet journal you can keep organized many things to do for your life daily, weekly, even monthly.

Here is one thing that you should not forget, it is a cleaning schedule bullet journal idea.

It will help you to set up reminders to stay on track with cleaning. You will be surprised your house stay cleaner even you have lots of work.

6. House Projects Page Layout

House projects can be overwhelming if it doesn’t organize well. What you should do is just put lists of all the current projects to your house projects page.

You start broken down them into details with tasks and notes. In the end, you will come up which you do first and then.

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7. Travel Bullet Ideas Layout

For travel lovers, this bullet journal travel must be on the page. So, you can start to plan places or country want to go first.

Choose the places which become your priority to plan for the holiday. If you have a good drawing skill, a map can be drawn to your journal to track which places you have already visited or yet.

8. Trip Bullet Journal Planner

Having a holiday trip will be an exciting experience. After you have a travel spread which places you want to go.

You need this page on your bullet journal then list your favorite hotspots for your trip.

It can be restaurants, landmarks, shopping places, or perhaps the activities you want to do. The design here is easy to write but effective.

9. Packing List

Whether you will have a holiday or business trip, you have to prepare all the things pretty well organized.

Packing list bullet journal will be helpful to keep you and your activity on the track.

You can start to post clothes, toiletries, business items and tasks to do. So, write down your list accurately, of course, you won’t miss a beat.

10. Memories Log

This will be an amazing idea to record all you have been through weekly or monthly.

It seems such document to reflect on your daily life all this time. Tracking memories on your bullet journal will surprise you that your life is not stuck.

It can be your favorite part to look back at the incredible things happening.

11. Spending Log

Talking about spending log will give you an idea that it is going to relate the amount of money has been spent month after month.

You can include the date of the purchase, the store, the budget category, the amount of the purchase, and whether it was a need or a want.

12. Bill Tracker

If spending log draws the budget has been spent day by day, the bill tracker makes sure you pay the bill payment on time each month.

Basically, this bill tracker is very important to create in your journal. It helps you to keep better track your spending moreover if you want to save.

13. Fitness Tracker

You can decide to start using the fitness tracker to keep you on the track. Make sure your goal is to stay healthy and fill it in regularly.

The example shows how this journal can help you to design your fitness exercise challenges in 30 days for 3 goals you want to achieve. So, happy workout and having your own fitness tracker.

14. Movies to Watch

This journal is pretty entertaining because it’s a waiting list that must be waited for a year.

List of the upcoming movies which will release can be filled to this journal.

You can list it by using simple doodles for the moviies to watch page. You can add the rate and date for each movie.

15. Books to Read

This tracking almost has the same function with fitness or movies tracker in bullet journal.

The difference is this is the list to keep books to read. Use your drawing skill to beautify your journal books such as a bookshelf, columns, or a floating shelf.

The bookshelf is the way you can categorize the genre of the book that you have read.

16. Wish List & Gift Ideas

Sometimes people can’t remember what present want to give to someone else. So, keeping a wish and gift list is the best idea as an alarm.

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It is simply simpler. You write or draw the present ideas and point out the names who want you give to.

17. Show Binging

People infuse their weekend by having a free time with binge-watch with non-stop. It’s a good idea to put show binging in your journal.

You are able to track the period and episode you ended. There’s nothing you love more than binge-watching after your work.

18. Task Completing

The best way to stay organized is through systems. The bullet journal has emerged as an alternative system and tool for you to have a list to complete all your tasks.

The layout given here is really inspiring. The combination between to-do-list and the day’s climate decorate the page beautifully.

19. Quote Page

The purpose of making a bullet journal is to give more spirit for our daily life at work or anywhere we are.

It’s a nice addition if you add one more page for having inspirational quotes to your bullet journal.

This is something that is highly recommended for doing. Let the words help to motivate you more.

20. Plan Your Adventure Bullet Journal Page

You have to be genius travel planner so that you must have this adventure bullet journal ideas.

It looks likes a summary page for you to cover the trip such as hotel, flights, transportation.

You can follow this idea with the creative layout by drawing some activities want to do or the food that you want to eat.

21. Full Page Monthly Layout Illustration

The layout will play an important look for a bullet journal. You can have full of collection page layout illustration according to your theme each month.

You can get some inspiration for this layout by looking around you or watching or reading.

22. Goal Setting

After you keep thinking of what goals you want to achieve, you can copy them into your bullet journal weekly or monthly.

You outline all your goals set based on their sections for example for fitness, finance, and fun sections.

Let’s see that you will find yourself migrating from other goals to others every year until you can be a master plan.

23. Song Listening

Who doesn’t like songs? Everybody loves and hears them? Some can make you happy and inspire your life.

Based on this idea, create your own song listening page on your bullet journal will help you to remember the singer or the title of the song anytime you want.

You can divide the page of the lists depends on the genre or the feeling you want.

24. Home Projecting

You can start tracking your home projects in your bullet journal by having some lists to do first.

You can combine the writing and the drawing together to group the lists based on priority to do on each area.

The spread and the drawing or the colors on the layout will give extra to make easy to see or to do.

25. Important Date Remembering

Keeping the important date remembering can be very precious for you. The lists about the dates of birthday, anniversary, or celebration, party, or invitation can be written down.

By using boxes and label them based on the month of the year, you can fill it with the date, the name or event.

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