10+ Awesome Inspirations for Contemporary Barndominium Plans

A barndominium lets you live in rustic environments with modern comforts. When you have an unused barn, convert it into this pleasant beauty, like so many other people who get caught in this sweet trend. Compared to regular house, barndominium offers easy and quick construction, lots freedom of remodeling. And, most of all, you have spacious living space. Now if you’re looking for a barndominium plans, here we have some of the best.

1. Barndominium in Ranch Style

Having a barndominium in the middle of a vast ranch is a dream for some. And if you want to have one on the kind, this illustration is a perfect example. It has a neat ranch style, it also has low roof for warm and casual air. The open surroundings adds the freedom air of a ranch.

2. Simple and Peaceful Barndominium

If you love to live in the middle of greenery, this barndominium will be yours. The exterior, of simple and classic barn house style, blends nicely with the elements. The red cladding gives the necessary accent and warm feeling needed in this cool and peaceful atmosphere.

3. Traditional Wood Barndominium with Dormers

Wood inspires warmness. No other materials comparable to the material when it comes to give you the pleasant and warm feeling. This barndominium also gives you the same effects. It’s cool in its vintage style, and cooler even more with the dormers.

4. Vintage Barndominium with Rock Wall

With a little tweak, this barn turns into an awesome vintage barndominium. Add some windows, a balcony, and new roofing. Let alone the rock wall, it’s already a nice accent to the house. Don’t forget to put an awning on the side, like this example. And enjoy your vintage barndominium.

5. Pleasant Idyllic Barndominium in Country Style

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A country house always takes you back into an idyllic place with pleasant memories. This modern country barndominium offers the same to you. The neat lines, the big windows, and the charming extension buildings, give you the pleasant atmosphere of a country house.

6. Minimalist 2-story Barndominium Extension Building

Adding the existing barn with extension building makes an excellent barndominium. You use the extension building as the garage, workshop, gallery, or else. The main building, being 2-story, will serve as the main house. It’s where you and the family gather in daily activities. The Covered balcony serves as your lounging place, enjoying the day or night.

7. Classic Traditional Barndominium with Loft

A traditional barn is built to be simplistic and efficient. For the reason, its interior will always look bare and spacious for storage places, the livestock, or haystack, or the farming equipment. Converted into a barndominium, you’ll have spacious living areas. Added with loft feature like this illustration, you’ll also have additional rooms for any purposes.

8. Contemporary-Minimalist Glass Barndominium

With a barndominium, you have lots freedom in expressing your taste. As with this example, you could redo its exterior with minimalist-modern look. This house uses glass panels extensively. If you love to blend in with nature in modern barn house comfort, try this elegant barndominium design. It’s open, and it feels light and always gives off a happy atmosphere.

9. Small Holiday Cabin in Barn Style

Make your camping holiday be your stylish escape time. Left all your nylon tents home, and pull this charming holiday cabin instead. It made of light wood, robust and stylish. Inside, you’ll completely have the comfort of your house. Outside, you’ll be the proudest person in the camping ground –with your special cabin

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10. Rustic Barndominium with Gambrel Roof and Gravel Front

Rustic living is charming. You blend with nature, and have a basic but pleasant living. This barn house offers you the opportunity. It already have the look, a wooden barn with gambrel roof. The gravel path leading to the main door adds the rustic and scenic atmosphere. You only need to add some horses or some nice off-road rides to add the rustic atmosphere with the more adventurous air.

11. Contemporary House in Minimalist Style

Minimalist design is still the best to let out all your charming tastes in humble style. This illustration is no exception. You have a simple house with simple lines. Cladded with wood finish and grey paint, it offers an elegant air without too overwhelming the surroundings.

12. Elegant 2-story Barndominium with Garage Extension

You have almost unlimited supply of barn style house for your barndominium. This example shows you a 2-story barndominium with a big garage attached on it. It represent simple-classic American style, complete with the wood sidings and a charming bay window. You have a spacious room to have and elegant house here.

13. All-wood 2-story barndominium

With a barndominium, you have limitless choices of interior layout. In this illustration, you have a 2-story barndominium. You can let the ground floor as your business area, shop, garage, or else. While the second floor being your cozy living niche, full of warmness with the wooden theme.

All in all, a barndominium is a versatile building. Its spaciousness offers you for many purposes, from a full set of a house, a workshop to your home offices. Lastly, we do hope you’ve already had the inspirations for your barndominium.

James Parkinson