10 Inspiring and Cozy Cottage House Plans

A cottage is usually associated as an old-fashioned building, but these days, it is reformed through many different styles. It is usually characterized by its small size and only has one floor, but now a cottage is no longer limited to those characteristics. It can be a huge or tall building with unique layout and daring exterior.

A cottage is perfect as a getaway for holiday breaks as it is usually built in rural or semi-rural area, where the beauty and the calm demeanor of nature dominates you.

Here are ten cottage plans that may inspire you:

1. L-shaped Cottage

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This cottage is a perfect getaway for those who want to spend their days in relaxing manner. The master bedroom is directly connected to the patio, encourage you to relax in outdoor space within few steps.

The screen porch brings in the needed natural light filtered by built-in skylights for your comfy hangout. Rooms for practical activities are neatly placed near the garage. Upstairs, additional bedrooms with window seat and private bathrooms is available for your family members’ comfort.

2. Southern Style Cottage

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This charming cottage is a part of Energy Save Plus House Plans Collection. From entry, you immediately find the great room sharing space with nook, kitchen, and dining room.

At the rear, a gorgeous lanai is provided. The master suite is luxurious, while other bedrooms are split by a lighted niche, making them space-efficient. Solar arrays are installed to generate more power than the house uses.

3. Classic Cottage

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The combination of stones, calming sidings, and functional shingles turns this cottage into a familiar look. Living room, dining, and kitchen are connected in one space.

There is an office available for workaholics and a shop space for enterpreneurs. The master suite and the porch have fancy vaulted ceilings, adding more sophistication to the interior. Upstairs, comfortable bedrooms is provided with a bathroom and loft area.

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4. Farmhouse Style Cottage

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This cottage is big and it provides four bedrooms for guests and family members to sleep.There is also a juxtaposition between the farmhouse structure style and the bright blue exterior, turning it into a much more dazzling place that will surely catch your eye.

The bedrooms are connected in a long hallway and across it, there is a lanai for your pleasant outing activities.For your entertainment satisfaction, golf cart, a pool, and a room that be modified into a media room will surely make you never want to leave the cottage.

5. Craftsman Style Cottage

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This cottage may surprise you becacuse from the front, it looks like it only has two floors, but in reality, it is a three stories cottage with daring window structure. Stones and shake sidings, with wooden furnitures and furnishings and tall glass windows just scream an integration of craftsman style and modern style.

Dining room, kitchen, and great room share one open space where you can easily access sun room and unique deck and overlook the view surrounding you. The bedrooms are available in upper level and lower level. A family room complete with wet bar is provided for your hangout sessions with your family members.

6. Summer Country Style

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This cottage encourages you to spend your summer break here. There are porches in the front and the back for your outdoor living. Great room, kitchen, dining room, and breakfast nook are sharing one big space with enough rooms for food prep and entertainment.

Not to mention, dining room can work as a study room as well. The master bedroom has its own big private bathroom and walk-in closet, while other bedrooms also has its own closets.

7. Tudor Style Cottage

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This cottage is good for those want to spend their break time alone. It only has one bedroom and bathroom with a full kitchenette and walk-in closet.

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There is also a warm, lovely porch for you to relax in outdoor setting without having to be worried about the weather for it is covered. This cottage can make you feel like walking back to the past because of its charming Tudor aesthetic.

8. Modern Beach Style Cottage

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Outdoor living is the focus of this cottage. With screened porch, open patio, upper sundeck, a balcony with a bar at the highest floor, and tall glass windows definitely encourages you to revel in the picturesque view surrounding you.

Kitchen, family room, and dining are connected in one open space for easy accesibility in communication between group members. There is also another family room in the second floor and covered breezeway on the top floor, giving you more options to hang out with leisure.

9. Old-school Cottage with a Tower

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Efficient in space, but still stylish and filled with distinct characteristics. The first floor focuses on the living arrangement with living room, dining, and kitchen are shared in one big space without the interruption of bedrooms, while simultaneously connected to outdoor space like the front porch and rear balcony.

The second floor is filled with bedrooms and each of them has its own private bathrooms. The highlight of this cottage is the tower room, complete with its own deck.

10. Elegant Farmhouse Style Cottage

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The combination of shingle shakes, board and batten, plus stone evoke the sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. The vaulted ceiling is looming over the living space, which immediately connects to screened porch and garage.

Study is provided in the corner of the house to avoid the busyness of the living space. Upstairs, bedrooms are provided with private bathrooms for your family members’ comfort. A big, conditioned storage is also available.

So, does the list above inspire you to build your own cottage?

James Parkinson