20 Cutest Teen Girl Bedrooms Ideas

Teen Girl Bedrooms Ideas – As they grow up, teenage girls need different bedrooms. These will be different from their previous bedrooms as little girls.

You’ll need to consider their more mature bedroom styles without too much departed from their previously carefree and colorful world. This includes a stylish and more personalized bedrooms.

A modern bedrooms full so fashionable and full of energy. To add the fun, includes the girls in the decorating processes. They’ll love their rooms even more.

1. Pink & Grey Teen Girl Bedrooms

Paint the wall with calming soft grey. Put pinkish wall decorations like wall art, paper butterflies, and decorative mirror. The girls will love it.

2. Grey and Soft Coral Colors with Brown Accents for Girl Bedrooms

Still with grey, combine his color with soft coral one. You’ll have a cute and girly room. Add brown accent colors into it. And don’t forget to put some decorations like the vintage reading lamp, the wall arts, and the decorative letters. Cute.

3. Teenage Girl Bedroom in Cream White & Coral Colors with Turquoise Accents

For a more mature look for your girl bedrooms, try the cream white and coral colors. For a fresher and vibrant air, add turquoise accent on the wall and bed. It’s an adorable room. Right?

4. Coral and Bold Turquoise Colors for Girls’ Teenage Bedrooms

You’ll have a plain and boring bedroom with only coral color. Add energizing color to live up this room. And you’ll have a coral room splashed with turquoise and red colors. Don’t forget to hang the cute pendant light. See the detail in House of Turquoise.

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5. Turquoise and Classic Black for a Teenage Girl Bedroom? Yes.

Yes, combine the soft and sweet turquoise color with the classic black. And you’ll have this adorable bedroom for girl.

6. Black & White Teenage Girl Bedroom with DIY wooden wall arrows

For the tomboy, try this black and white bedroom. Add it with DIY wooden wall arrows for the wall arts (see the steps in Two Thirty-five Designs). Splashes of gold colors enlighten this room.

7. Elegant and Girly Bedroom for Teenage Girl

This classic contemporary bedroom design offers a mature but girly air. It’s elegant in its simplicity. Se the detail in PBteen.

8. Girl’s Bedroom with Inspirational Wall

Put inspirational words on your girl’s bedroom, like this illustration. Put a scripture wall for her life inspiration. See the more in Marty’s Musings.

9. A Fresh and Girly Bedroom for Girls with Triptych Wall Art

You’ll have soft and almost all girl’s favorite colors in this room. You’ll also see a beautiful triptych wall art over the headboard. Charming. See the detail in PBteen.

10. Minimalist White & Turquoise Bedroom for Teenage Girls

Try this minimalist white and turquoise bedroom for your girls. No Frill, no overly stuffed furniture, yet it’s simply cute.

11. The Cutest and Fluffiest Teenage Girl Bedroom

You’ll have all you need for the girls: neutral colors, pink, blue, white, and the fluffiest bed.

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12. Rustic Bedroom for Teen Girls

Try something different for the girls, give them the joy of rural living in her rooms with this rustic style. Add colorful accents for the fresh and girly air.

13. Bold and Cheerful Colors for Your Girl’s Room

This definitely a dream bedroom for girls. It’s so fun and colorful.

14. Neat Loft Bedroom for Girls

Your active girls will love this neat loft bedrooms. It’s simple, neat, and girly.

15. Cozy Cottage Style Teen Girl Bedroom

Here you have a cottage girl bedroom. Dominated with vanilla and caramel colors, this bedroom shines its comfortable air. The decorative frame (from House to Home) adds the rustic charm.

16. A Classic Contemporary Teen Girl Bedroom

With soft color tones, classic bed lamp and vintage dresser, your girl will fall in love with this bedroom. See the detail in Caitlin Wilson

17. A Stylish and Elegant Teen Girl Bedroom

You’ll see that Tiffany style’s simply irresistible to your girls.

18. A Small Chic Teen Girl Bedroom

A farmhouse bedroom with its comfortable atmosphere. It’s chic in its own style, and even makes this small room bigger.

19. A Classic Modern Teen Girl Bedroom with Pom-Pom Trimmed Curtains

Add this classic bedroom for girl with DIY pom-pom trimmed curtains. Your girls will love it. See the detail in The Dapper Bun.

20. A Lovely Teen Bedroom for Girl with Classic Study Table

This girl bedroom looks lovely with simple color schemes and classic study table.

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