21 Simple & Memorable DIY Christmas Gifts Anyone Would Be Happy to Unwrap

DIY Christmas Gifts – Finding a special Christmas gift without making your wallet empty is a challenge. A challenge is but to overcome. Cheer your beloved with a homemade Christmas gift instead. Here are some 20 DIY Christmas gift ideas we hope will inspire you.

1. DIY Hand Warmers

A pair of hand warmers for a Christmas gift? Why not. It will warm your beloved one or your family. You even can make it yourself.

All you need is your hands’ dexterity and lots of love. See the details here for the tutorial.

2. Awesome DIY Marbled Clay Ring Dish

Get your family excited with your Christmas gift of marble clay ring dish. They won’t believe that you have med them yourself.

Yes, you can make it yourself. If you still in the dark now, get enlightened now in making this cute dishes with this tutorial here.

3. Rootbeer (Or Beer) Reindeer

This small hack will certainly make the most of your friends with your Christmas gift. You’ll bring them the most delightful Christmas deer version ever.

All you need is a couple of beers (or root beers) and the ‘antlers’. And you can make the antlers yourself. See here how this hack is terribly easy.

4. Personal Monogrammed Soap

A personal gift is always touching. No matter the gift is, it means special to the giver or taker. Here you will make a DIY monogrammed soap. Fun isn’t, it? See the tutorial here for the details.

5. A Neat DIY Wooden Bow Tie

This project is cool for someone neat you love. This will be your DIY wooden bow tie project. And this one will also easy one. For a start, take a look at the tutorial detail here.

6. Wholesome and Heart-warming Homemade Soup Mixes

There’s no such thing like a hot soup in the chilly Christmas night. So, why don’t you make your family a wholesome soup this Christmas? Homemade soup mixes surely will warm their hearts. See the recipes here.

7. Romantic DIY Caramel Latte Tea Cup Candle

For someone special who love good coffee, this Christmas gift will be cool. Give him/her caramel latte tea cup candle. A DIY project of this cute candle will add the charm. See the detailed instruction here.

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8. Elegant DIY Lipstick Holder

Lipstick is a girl’s closest friend. So give her a lipstick holder for her. Give her the special DIY project from you. If you still don’t how-to of the making, see the detail tutorial here.

9. Easy DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Peppermint sugar scrub should also in this list of charming and affordable DIY Christmas gift projects. It will flatter your special, and you can make it yourself. If you need some instruction, see the tutorial here.

10. DIY Gingerbread Sugar Scrub for the Special One

Other than peppermint sugar scrub, you can make gingerbread sugar scrub as well. It also will flatter your special one in this Christmas.

And you can make it yourself too. Some instruction is available here, in case you need some manual.

11. DIY Doggy Bow Tie

Yes, you need to gift your 4-legged best companion a special gift this Christmas. Give him something cool and civilized for him. Give him a DIY doggy bow tie. See the tutorial here  for the detailed instructions.

12. The Classic Christmas Countdown Candle

This Christmas gift is classic but irresistible as a Christmas gift. This candle also blend easily with the Christmas time. You can make this candle in your DIY project. For further fuller tutorial, see here.

13. How About DIY iPhone Case?

iPhone cases will always be loved, mainly for the youngster. You can make the case yourself. Pick some vibrant colors and show it in the Christmas time. See the tutorial here on how to make them.

14. A Bottle of BBQ Spice Rub

A bottle of BBQ spice rub is always a handy and affordable for Christmas gift. It also always received with gladness. If you feel like to make this beauty, see the tutorial here.

15. A Cookie Basket for a Warm Christmas

If the one you love like cooking so much, give her a cookie basket. In red-white color of Christmas classic. It will be a handy for her cookies or other yummy stuff. The DIY tutorial is here.

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16. Artful Coasters

For the one who love to have a neat house, try to give her artful coasters for this Christmas. She will smile to you. If you do it DIY style, this project is easy. See the detail in the full tutorial here.

17. Simple and Elegant Floral Magnets

Help your friends to organize their small stuff by giving the floral magnets this Christmas. They’ll love the gift. And you will smile proudly, as those magnet are your own making. See the tutorial here for details.

18. Picture Frame with Buttons Accent

All you need is just a handful of colored buttons, a frame, and a tube of glue. And then you can have the nicest Christmas gift this year. For neater result, see the tutorial here.

19. DIY Bacon Salt

Just like other seasonings, this one is a surefire way to please your special in Christmas, special bacon salt. For tutorial, you can see here.

20. Fresh Spice Sugar Scrub for Winter

For this pleasant Christmas gift, you only need sugar (for this is a sugar scrub), coconut oil and your favourit fragrance. Mix them and pour into the bottle. Add a ribbon to the bottle, and your Christmas gift is ready.

21. Glowing Family Photo for the Sweet Memories

This Christmas gift will last forever, preserving your fond memories with your family. This glowing Family photo is also easy to do in DIY style. For fuller explanation, see the tutorial here.

So, have found the right Christmas gift yet? We hope so. As all DIY project listed here are easy to follow to make.

And if you still confused, you can always consult with the link provided. Have a nice day, and start your project right away –for Christmas is near.

James Parkinson