20 DIY Computer Desk Ideas for Making Your Home Office More Gorgeous

Building your own DIY computer desk for a home office will give you extra satisfaction and spirit at work.

For this project you need to find out how large/small your room for and what you need for space.

You do not need to buy the expensive computer or material for your plan. The idea can come from basic material around you.

You have actually made it yourself. It can be made of wood, aluminum, and pipe.

The most important also is the computer desk idea must be apt with your style or work. There are numerous types of a computer desk that can suit you.

Right here, we have compiled 20+ types that you can adapt to your home office more gorgeous. Hopefully, they inspire you to build something functionally fantastic.

1. DIY Wood Computer Desk

This type of desk needs a bit larger space. The solid wood material and some slots for keeping books and decoration around the table offer you a very elegant home office look.

This a DIY computer desk will be very good for you who wants to feel or work as an executive person.

2. DIY Home Studio Computer Desk

This DIY desk is fit to the person who loves music. You can have DIY home studio computer desk by a very simple desk.

You can put the monitor and speakers are in one place on the table. The rest of the space can be placed the musical equipment that you will use and you are easy to reach them.

3. DIY Gaming Computer Desk

For gamers, a gaming computer station desk is needed to set up for multiple monitors.

The DIY gaming computer desk offers a stable surface so a player can play games for long hours.

Do not forget to make storage underneath the top of table to keep gaming accesories such as remote controls, headset, cables and so on.

4. Small L Shaped Corner Computer Desks

The basic wood material and small L shaped are the concepts of this type. This shaped is appropriately placed in the corner of any room.

The dual or single screen monitor will give the best experience for you if you want to build this DIY computer desk.

The look reflects the original wooden table and it is very impressed to suit anyone of all ages.

5. DIY Wardrobe Computer Desk

An older wardrobe that doesn’t use anymore can be the best idea to build a computer desk.

Remember if you want this DIY wardrobe computer desk, it must have ventilation so that the computer or laptop will not experience overheating.

6. DIY Large Wall-Sized Ladder Computer Desk

This desk concept is a very helpful decor to create a home office look you will love.

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This type is unique because it does not look like a real desk at all. The idea is for you who lives in a small space but you want to have a dedicated office.

This DIY computer desk is such a quick and easy build. It’s a must to try.

7. DIY Standing Computer Desk

If you think sitting is going to kill you, this type can be your solution. The DIY standing computer desk offers a healthier solution for your workspace.

It is just a taller desk than a regular one. This will be a great way to get your monitors or other desk equipment up at the right height on you. You can also use the space underneath for more storage.

8. DIY Pipe Leg Computer Desk

This type of a desk is easy to build and cheap. By using pipe for plumbing, DIY pipe leg computer desk can be made.

Your job only adds the wood and put the pipe pieces together. This type is perfect for space and the wood top is amazing to finish.

9. DIY Birch and Aluminum Computer Desk

Not only a wood, a DIY Birch and aluminum offers you a computer desk which is clean and stylish look for your workspace.

This birch plywood on top and an accent metal touch at the edge will make this desk completely amazing handmade.

A comfortable chair, a small lamp, and some offices stuff could be combined with this desk.

10. DIY Old Solid Wood Door Desk

This will be fantastic DIY projects which the old door can be used for, especially the solid ones.

You can put 1 until 2 computers on the table. It is best if furnished by your favorite color, but black is a good choice also.

It results in a perfect finishing so that it doesn’t look like an old door.

11. Minimalist DIY Floating Computer Desk

Floating desk idea is you can store more items and you can also work on it. The one thing is unique that you will make your wall as its base so that it can be also as your house decoration. A mini laptop will be appropriate for this desk.

12. Homemade Mini Computer Desk

The desk is for you that do not think too much for more items on the table or a large area for your workspace.

The desk is just for your laptop and combined it with a simple chair. It is practice, mobile and not complicated.

13. DIY Rustic Computer Desks

You can built your DIY desk for your home office look so rusty. The idea is the desk with made with trestle legs and long wooden boards. Overall the style may be look old but it suit for any type computer.

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14. DIY Mid Century Modern Computer Desk

This old style has a long and narrow desk which suits people who are not actually working at. If you have old drawers, you can transform it as beautiful as new drawers and put it underneath the table with the white painted. It has to be a beautiful vintage piece for your workspace with a laptop on it.

15. DIY Double Computer Desk

This DIY double computer desk is a great idea for 2 people working on 1 table.

The idea is the combination of a single table and a bookcase to allow for two people to work closely but with privacy.

You can put a laptop on the table and have more storage in the bookcase and basket which hanging on the wall. Pretty simple for your DIY project.

16. DIY Similar Bookshelf Computer Desk

A place for storing items will be the most idea on making a desk . This desk offers lots of storage to keep your file, paper, and other your home office need.

This desk very fit the person who loves to see things visually to stay organized. It has to be perfect for the laptop and a small printer on it.

17. DIY Computer Foldout Desk for Small Space Saving

This type is highly recommended for a small space. The best thing about this type is it folds up so that it avoids wasting any space at all.

It can be an ideal solution for your kids or students who want to study using a mini laptop and to hide some pieces of stuff inside.

18. DIY Computer Desk with Storage

A desk with a large amount of storage could perfectly suit for you who work with lots of organizational space. It can be used as a desk or a bookcase.

The stable work surface is perfect for your computer. The drawers and shelf provide functional storage to keep your papers, bills, and document.

19. Awesome DIY Electric Computer Desk

If you are ready to take your home office to the next level though, this is certainly worth a try.

The DIY electric computer desk is simply a regular desk. The best part of it is it can rise up and turn into a standing desk.

20. DIY Scandinaian Computer Desk Plans

For someone who loves minimalism and functionality, this type suits you much.

This DIY Scandinavian computer desk plan is a great way to update your home office from an ordinary desk to a special one.

The legs give an extra unique look but elegant. A vintage chair can be matched for this desk.

James Parkinson