25 DIY Vanity Mirror Ideas with Lights

Women can’t be separated from their mirrors. So, provide them with the best mirror available. If need be, for the shake of love, build them one. Build a DIY vanity mirror fully furnished with lights. Their face light up, and so with their love.

You need no fancy stuff to light up your bathroom. Put a vanity mirror on its wall. Better still, put the one of your own build. Add several light bulbs around it, and see the difference. Here are some vanity mirror as inspiration for your project.

1. Vanity Mirror in Hidden Style

If you want to save space this vanity mirror project should be yours. The mirror is hidden inside the frame, and all the drawer are designed so that it easy to use.

2. Pink Girlish Vanity Mirror

For the feminine girls, get this vanity project going. The combination of pink-white finish and the octagonal mirrors is irresistible for the girls. The faux-fur chair is a charming complement.

3. Minimalist DIY Vanity Mirror with Floating Drawer

This DIY vanity mirror project suits well with a limited room. It minimalist design’s easy to replicate, and the floating desk is cute. Add a Mid-Century chair and your vanity chair’s completed.

4. Simple Corner Vanity Mirror

Fill the often forgotten corner with vanity mirror. This projects consists of a mirror and a small table. The white finish make them fresh and light. Don’t forget to set the light bulbs.

5. Super Easy DIY Mirror Vanity

This project needs not your carpentry skills. As you can see here, this vanity mirror projects is most simple. You just need to find a suitable mirror for your table and that’s it. Your DIY vanity mirror’s ready.

6. Easy Pull-out DIY Vanity Mirror

This project levels up the previous project. This time you craft a pull-out mirror on the table, just like the illustration. To add cuteness, add the light bulbs, stool, and furry carpet.

7. Vanity Mirror with Upper Lights

When you have a neat girl in the house, this project will cheer their day. It has a sleek and minimalist design. The mirror has no frame, beside a slim utility chest. And it’s lighted from above. Cute.

8. DIY Vanity Mirror Idea for Girls

For their dynamic living, you can make them suitable vanity mirrors. You need no fancy lights here, just a mirror and its minimalist table (plus the pull-out drawer). That’s it. It’s simple and cute at the same time.

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9. White Vanity Mirror in Minimalist Style

Minimalist house needs minimalist vanity mirror, for the shake of uniformity. This illustration will helps you to do your project. It has simple minimalist design, with firm lines and solid white finish. The light bulbs add the charm.

10. Simple DIY Vanity Mirror on Mid-Century Table

A combination of Mid-Century table and the minimalist round mirror proves cool enough to be your next project on vanity mirror. The setup is simple, just like the illustration here. But you can see and feel the awesome vintage result.

11. Square DIY Vanity Mirror with Light Bulbs

As a starter, build a simple vanity mirror. You may replicate this one. The design is simple, square mirror with wide frame for the bulbs. Fix it on the wall, on top a table, and your mirror is ready.

12. Contemporary DIY Mirror with Ambient Light

This time you have a contemporary DIY vanity mirror Idea project. The layout, as you can see here, is simple. And with the ambient light behind the mirror lighted, you have an awesomely modern mirror.

13. Vintage Vanity Mirror for Bathroom

If you’re into a retro style, this retro mirror is worth trying. Find some fine woods for the frame and the retro lamps for the lighting. Let the naked fiber of the wood be the accent of your mirror.

14. DIY Vanity Mirror, Hollywood Style

This long mirror lets you know all your body. No matter when or where, when the light lit up, you or your beloved can always see your or herself on it. You can do this project yourself, because its simple design.

15. DIY Vanity Mirror in Concrete Holder

For this project you need a pentagonal mirror and a slab of concrete. You need the concrete as a mirror holder. Insert the mirror into the concrete slot, and you have a modern minimalist vanity mirror.

16. Art Vanity Mirror

Make your vanity mirror an art object. Make it different with the artistic frame. Find an artful frame of your taste and couple it with the mirror. Hang it on your room/bathroom, enjoy the result of your artful project.

17. Vanity Mirror with Rope

Wrap around a length of rope and you get a vanity mirror, just like this example. It looks modern. It also looks rustic and suitable for any home with vintage style.

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18. Vanity Mirror with Checkered Frame

This project let you experiment with frame. Here you have a checkered frame to start. The regular barhtoom tiles will do well for the purpose. As a finishing touch, put lamps above the mirror.

19. The Vanity Mirror in Sunburst Style

Utilizing the wasted materials for some useful stuff is wise. So, collect your unused glass and turn them into a sunburst mirror frame, just like this example. See the gorgeous result?

20. Foldable Portable Vanity Mirror

If you have a mobile family, it will be good to do this DIY project. This vanity mirror is foldable, you can flip in both of the wing mirror when unused. It efficient and minimalist design means that you can store the mirror easily.

21. LED Vanity Mirror

The classic vanity mirrors mostly use light bulb for lighting. Now if you want something fresh for the lighting, change the lamps with LED light. It will be delightful, and it also much safer and more energy efficient.

22. Contemporary and Elegant Vanity Mirror

This vanity mirror looks elegant in its simplicity. It consists only of s square mirror, banks of lamps, and table with multiple pullout drawers. To add charm, put a transparent fiberglass chair in front of it –and furry carpet under.

23. Old School Vanity Mirror

Long old fond memories revived with this Mid-Century table-mirror combination. All you need is your old tool box and make the iconic legs. And you see this old school beauty.

24. DIY Vanity Mirror in Black

If you look for a black but not depressing vanity mirror, this one is yours. In its minimalist style, this vanity mirror looks fresh and modern. Put one in your room, and it will be one of your favorite point of interest.

25. Simple and Efficient Vanity Mirror

This vanity mirror is haven for anyone love to do some make up. With its simple layout, this mirror comes fully equipped with all the stuff for beauty purposes. And you can build it easily, for it only consist of mirror (plus lights) and simple table.

Now that you have seen some of the best DIY vanity mirror ideas, we hope you already have ideas for your project. Unleash your creative energy and show your skills to your family or friends.

James Parkinson