11 Eclectic Living Room Decor and Style That Will Make You Breathless

What is the room where joy and warmth are created with every family member and guests? It is living room. Almost every home has living room because it is vital in every home. Living room is also very versatile and often used as entertainment room, relaxing room, family room, guest room even sometime becomes urgent and additional bedroom.

We have 11 list of amazing living room décor and style that will leave you speechless. Inspired by some designer-friendly room, you also can create your own living room which is warmth, eye pleasing and super comfortable. Started by choosing wall color, you will have next-level living room by combining a tasteful furniture with unexpected wall color combo. Keep reading this article!

Southern Hospitality Room Décor

Bring warmth and inviting look to your home without being overdoing, this Southern hospitality room décor will stun you and everyone who see. Simply put many awesome additions from arrangement of picture frame, wooden floor, industrial style ceiling lights and other small pieces. Those are such a perfect combo.

To evoke the more stylish vibe, do not forget also to choose appropriate furniture that bring warmth such as rustic long dining table. Put a piece of flower vase with seasonal flower to make it more live. Those pink chairs are also very nice to add.

Trendy Black White Décor

Black white will never fail you, and I also personally believe to this statement. When you feel stuck and bored with color combinations that look just usual, you can go further by choosing something other people feel classic with any newly modification.

Black white does not feel bold, they are also classic and modern in the same time. Choosing black tufted sofa like this one is excellent. You can add charm with accent pillows in different sizes. Do not think too much for the wall, you can color it simply white. Then, put your favorite paintings on it either black white or colorful. It works best anyway.

Wall Full of Frames

If you feel bored with the same room décor year by year but you have no enough money to redo it, this will be an excellent option. Yes of course, adding some picture frames will work great and make a different statement in your room.

So, how to do that? Simply copy the look in the picture here. First, you need to choose a stylish picture frame such as in gold. Choose picture frame in different size so you can make a nice arrangement. Fill the frames with many favorite paintings or printings that bring colors and décor. Perfect it with your new chandelier. Well done.

Formal Living Room Décor

Then, how about having a look of room which is formal and bold? You can consider a deep wall in dark. This room will be perfect for young couple. You two will love spending time reading book, watching movies, or simply having small talk one to another.

Deep blue really brings nuance of formality yet stylish in the same time. Plus, combined with leave green sofa, it looks very unusual and contrast. Choose light color coffee table such as in white and gold. It will neutralized heavy and thick atmosphere in the room and become focal point. I personally adore this room so much.

White Living Room Décor

Your living room is a place where joy and happiness are created. For a humble personality like you, white will work best. You do not need to choose something overdoing and thick. Light color will make your room brighter and larger. To add style, you can add little accent to your full white living room wall.

Everyone also knows that decorating white room is very easy. You can choose any color because white will match to dark and light color. Just choose furniture color that matches to your personality. We recommend you to choose nude color for earthier look.

Modern and Creative Room Décor

What do you think when seeing this room décor for the first sight? This room looks very simple but high taste, isn’t it? Look at the choose of railing and stair design, combining cream and white really make big impact to the room vibe.

Also, the room looks so charm with traditional leather sofa which reminds you to your grandmother’s home in modernization. As the focal point, the home owner also adds a Persian rug which blends perfectly with its earthy wooden flooring. Do not forget to add greenery to make it more breathtaking.

Eclectic Living Room Décor

Eclectic style has a special place in its fans’ heart, including me. Combining classic style with contemporary style will never makes us bored. Classic picture hanging on the wall with classic frame really catches our eyes. Plus, liven up with the unique vases and green plants, the back sofa area looks so adorable.

Let’s move to the sofa and furniture arrangement. I believe this décor make eclectic home décor fans breathless with amazing combo of stripe black white sofa and the turquoise sofa. You also will easily fall in love to the accent pillows that looks so soft and flowy.

Pink Blue Living Room

When decorating living room, you does not only need to choose and consider your favorite color. You also need to choose a playful color that will be eye-catching and dig good atmosphere. The room also must be able to make people inside feel in good mood.

How about light living room in blue? Blue is very relaxing and airy. Choose light blue for the wall with a little accent through wall décor and pictures. Enhance it with awesome blue and pink sofa that matches one to another. Strengthen the statement with tulip chandelier in gold and white. How adorable!

DIY Eclectic Living Room

For a tight-budget decorator like you, considering a DIY project that will cost almost nothing is best choice. If you have an old frame but still good to use, you can remove the old pics or photos and replace it with the printed painting in eclectic or pop style. Hang it in your living room and let them do their good work.

This design looks simple but it seems also very comfortable. With soft sofa and pretty pics behind, you can enjoy every beautiful moment with loved ones at home.

Brick Wall Living Room

Wall accent will give big impact to the room décor and style. Brick is an old pattern but it becomes popular again today and often used in eclectic and contemporary room style. Trying brick wall living room, why not?

You can either have realistic brick or 3D brick wallpaper you can buy in the market. The wall will be focal point and will be perfectly combined with other lighter wall color such as light blue or green. The choose of neutral furniture such is in grey or brown will make the room even more perfect. How pretty!

Eclectic Small Living Room

Do not be sad if you have limited space to décor. It will not limit your creativity and goodness in style. Let’s start by choosing white wall because it surely makes the room feels bigger. Then, make up the wall with several eye-pleasing wall hangings such as picture frames and greeneries.

This eclectic small living room looks cozy and charming. After finished with the wall, your next task is choosing the right furniture. As long as the furniture is in high quality, whatever the color is will be good to pair with white wall.

From the best living room style above, which one is your favorite? I love them all because each design has its own statement and style. Simply choose one that meets your budget and vibe you willing to create. Thanks for having this ideas everyone!

James Parkinson