20 Inspiring Fireplace Ideas for Your Mood Booster

Sitting in front of a crackling fireplace ideas while the snow start to fall is surely one of the coziest moment.

It’s snug, it’s also warm. Whether you have an old fashioned log fireplaces, or the modern electric one, the feeling is just the same. Here we’ve gathered some 20 fireplace ideas to boost your mood.

Get Your Ambient Light with Electric Fireplace Idea

Not only get a warm living room, now you can have beautiful ambient light from your fireplace. An electric fireplace will do it for you.

Apart being a heater, you can use one of its feature (especially the ‘flame only’ setting) to give a shade of charming light to the living room.

Simple but Gold

Now if you want to play save, choose marble stuff and white color for your fireplace. It’s a surefire way to add classic feel to the house.

Like this example, you can see the combination of the marble fireplaces and soft-white sidings. It’s soothing and calming. Simple and nice.

A Standalone Fireplace Idea

There it is, a fireplace to further enhance the rustic look of your room. A standalone and freestanding fireplace like this example will be yours if you’re into a vintage or rustic look.

It’s charming in its own rugged and oldies style. And it blends well with your living room.

Outdoor Open Fireplace Idea

Need to enjoy an evening light outside in comfort? Here we bring you an outdoor fireplace idea. This charming fireplace is also portable.

You practically can put this fireplace in any place outside your house. The open design means that you can maintain or clean it easily.

Retro-Modern Fireplace

For this retro-modern living room, you need only a minimalist fireplace. No fancy frills or any other stuffy details, this fireplace still can offers the charm and warm. It also gives you a nice accent to the living room.

Corner Fireplace Idea

You can use one of the most neglected zones, corners of your living room, as your fireplace spot. This example shows you a perfect example of the corner fireplace. Room feels unhindered and roomy, because the fireplace spot is located in the corner.

Rustic-Modern Fireplace

Modern fireplace tends to minimalist in style, just like this one. The simple lines, coupled with simple room layout, makes this living room comfortable and warm.

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The combination of rustic-modern fireplace with the midcentury furniture is awesome here. It’s elegant and classic in one sweep.

Ventless Fireplace to Try

Give you living room a ventless fireplace, and it looks temporary and awesome. This modern fireplace gives you a clean-looking living room.

It also offers you nice aesthetical view to the room. This almost soot-free is perfectly well for you who want to have a clean fireplace.

Use Fireplace Screen

Keeping the kids away from their sources of joy is almost impossible. Fireplace is a joyful place, especially for children. They always fascinated by its warm and always want to play around it.

To avoid the unexpected, try to cover the fireplace with screen. Find the matched fireplace screen, so it gives additional charm to the room.

Don’t Forget the Mantel Details

Picking a right fireplace is one thing, picking the right mantel is another different thing. But, with a little improvisation, you can have a beautiful fireplace mantel with its handsome details.

It might full of your art collections, or maybe as a stand for your flat TV –the choice is unlimited.

Try the Fireplace Glass Door

Adding charm to the living room won’t be this simple: just add a glass door to your fireplace and the room will glow with elegance. It also won’t affect much of your wallet either.

Whether it be a combination of glass with aluminum, brass, or steel, you’ll still have the same enchanting effects.

Gas Fireplace Ideas

Tired of hauling ash or stacking logs? Try this gas fire place idea. A gas fireplace can burn so efficiently, it also easy to maintain.

The fireplace also easy to combine with any of living room styles. In this example you see a fireplace gas inserts warming an elegant living room.

Redo Your Old Fireplace

You should not throw away the old fireplace in the living room for a new one. You can always redo it into the charming updated version.

You can play with almost any style you like. In this example, a vintage living room combines well with a minimalist fireplace.

Unused Fireplace for Accent

Yes, if you want to have a vocal point for your living room, use the unused fireplace in the room. You can utilize it as, in this example, a book shelve.

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Above the hearth-turning-book shelve is a flat TV. Overall, paint the wall with slightly different color than the rest. It’s charming.

Fireplace witth Book Shelves Combination

As an alternative to using an unused fireplace is by surrounding it with book shelves. The fireplace acts as a focal point.

As to the placement, it’s up to your taste. A lover of symmetry probably will love to put it in the middle, like the example.

TV over Fireplace Idea

One of the most efficient way to put your TV is above the fireplace. If you have only limited space, this arrangement will save considerable space for other usages.

Putting a TV above the fireplace also offers better viewing experience, because most chairs or sofas are arranged around a fireplace.

Playing with Tiles

Add charm to the fireplace by giving the surrounding areas with tiles. You can see here a combination of Mediterranean tiles with solid wood covering the hearth. The tiles add an exotic air to the living room, which is great.

Fireplace with Exposed Brick Accent

Exposed brick always gives off a warm air to the surrounding. On other occasion, it also offers a cooling effect. In this example, a chimney breast of exposed bricks adore a contemporary fireplace.

After finished with white paint, it looks elegant and adds charm to the room.

Fireplace for Your Subdued Neutral Living Room

A fireplace is a symbol of a gathering place. A room with it is a warm room, so pay attention to the balance of the fireplace layout with other stuff in the living room.

This way, you’ll always have the most harmonious combination of the fireplace and your living room.

Faux Fireplace for Living Room Accent

Not all fireplace hots with fire, sometimes you meet a faux fireplace which emit no hotness whatsoever, but only gives off charm. This example show you how a faux fireplace added elegance to a mid-century themed living room.

Found the favorite one? Surely you do. But, in case you still can’t find the right one, try to combine two or more of these beautiful list of fireplace ideas. Have fun.

James Parkinson