20 Lawn Edging Ideas for a Heaven Backyard

Lawn and flower bed edging can give texture and definition to your lovely backyard. The ideas of lawn edging can be anything as long as it can separate two distinct areas.

There are many options to be used for lawn edging materials, such as brick, concrete, wood, metal, tiles, glass, and even recyclable items! Don’t forget to keep your local climate and weather in mind when choosing the materials to bring your lawn-edging ideas to life.

Below are 20 lawn edging ideas for your heaven backyard that can be done in a weekend! Use this guide to find your best lawn edging ideas and choose the right materials for your landscape.

1. Crushed Rock Edging Around Deck

Natural stone makes a great element in your backyard. You can use some crushed stones to differentiate the deck from where the yard starts. It feels like you enter a different world when stepping out to take in the view. This idea adds a brilliant polish to the design.

2. River Stone Edging for Modern Deck

Instead of a straight line as a border for the lawn-edging, consider a smooth curving edge which is more fabolous and offers visual flow. You can use a variety of white, gray, and black river stones to get a contrasting effect and create a modern look that helps your deck stand out from the yard.

3. Symmetrical Brick Corner Edging

An eye-catching brick lawn edging idea due to the symmetrical shape. The tiny blocks inside the edging make it a very suburban look for your beautiful backyard. Choose the different colored bricks to add more unique look and a great taste of a tidy garden.

4. Square Paver Stones Edging

Do you want to know the easiest idea to give your backyard an upgrade? Put some paver stones! This materials can be used to create a lawn edging in many ways. It will transform your backyard from plain to looks much more clean and defined.

5. Wooden Walkway Edging

Build a DIY wooden walkway is quite simple! You just need reclaimed pallet wood and set it over the soil. The wooden walkway is not only to link two areas of your backyard, but also to give some character to a quiet corner of your haven backyard.

6. Concrete Lawn Borders

A concrete edging offers lots of design ideas, although it requires more effort up front. These concrete lawn borders is very permanent, you can give more character by staining or painting the construction. Easy mowing is one of lots benefits to build your own concrete borders at yard.

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7. Paver Mow Strip

Mow strips can be made from any material, but paver is one of the best. Pavers can be used to separate the lawn from a planting bed as seen in this photo. You can trim the grass all the way to edge of the lawn using a law mower without needing a string trimmer.

8. Clean Concrete Lawn Edging

This lawn-edging uses concrete material to form a curbing. Build a wide concrete for your edging can make your backyard look clean and very pleasing to the eye. So wonderful! It will be nice to add this edging around a tree and flowers.

9. Bronze Garden Edging

Just like with copper, bronze has such a typical color that grasses and garden bushes look best inside them. It looks like a natural lawn edging for your simple backyard. Fill them with different types of green plants to make them look gorgeous.

10. Brick And Paver Mix Edging

This combination of brick and paver edging ideas is fairly simple but creative. Since brick and paver are tough, handsome and relatively cheap, it also requires low maintenance. Both of this materials work well for straight garden edging, but even better for curves and varying style edging.

11. Classic Paver Stone Edging

Classic paver stones are best choice for lawn edging, as they rugged and durable materials. They give texture, contrast , and even earth-based color to your backyard. This design is a very simple way to bring a lot of character to the yard.

12. Flagstone Concrete Garden Edging

Looking for a little curb appeal idea at your backyard? Try to add a traditional flagstone path as the garden edging. Dig out the soil between grasses and shrubs , lay down the landscaping fabric, then lay out some flagstones. You can lay them a little further apart instead of close together to make it looks fresh and natural.

13. Linked Soft Edging Bricks

It’s easier to decorate a curved shape garden edging using a linked paving bricks. You can find these at hardware store, lay them down between grasses and flowers, and create your beautiful garden space. Shows off your creative freedom by choose a darker color bricks to make the flowers stand out more.

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14. Simple Square Brick Edging

This simple brick edging doen’t need much time to built. You can choose different colored bricks or the same one to give your garden a simple look in a natural style. It can adapted to straight or curved areas as you like.

15. Stack of Flat Edging Stones

Some flat stones stacked on top of each other is a brilliant idea to edge your flower bed. It adds value to your backyard without necessarily spending a lot of money. A simple design with a natural look that separates the lawn edge from the mulch.

16. Large and Small Edging Stones

An natural way to create a beautiful lawn edging for your garden is using river rocks and boulders. Together they create a temporary river without water. Using this idea will save you a lot of money and time spent on maintenance in the long run, but give you many years of pleasure.

17. Long Paver Brick Edge

To add an elegance to your backyard, you can divide the mulch area from the grass by adding a line of paver bricks. They add a neater appearance and prevent invasive lawn grasses from entering flower beds. Give a nice mowing and trimming line to the yard.

18. Modern Tiles Lawn Edging

Try one of these modern tiles landscaping idea for your garden. This element lets the flowers and shrubs stand out, draws the eye instantly to the yard. It’ll gives you an amazing garden that everyone is dreaming for.

19. Red Brick Lawn Edge

The old bricks never failed your garden decoration. Easy to get and simple to lay down, these are perfect for your lawn edging design without overpowering the plants that you have planted either in your backyard or in front of your house.

20. Light Inside of Rock Edging

A rope lighting can add a magical ambiance to your garden when the sun goes down. You can tuck the rope lighting away on the inside of concrete edge. Then fill in all the space between the edge and the plants with small scale rocks or large pebbles.

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