15+ Refreshing Master Bedroom Design Ideas for Renovation or Building

There’s only one spot in your house that really can refresh your body and mind, your master bedrooms. It’s also a kind of sanctuary, a retreat place for the needed private time.

For these reasons, you need a truly comfortable room. Here we’ve some 15 (and more) refreshing master bedroom design ideas for you. Hope you enjoy it.

Master Bedroom in Vintage Style

The love of good-old days always portrayed in a vintage style. Cracked patterns of old furniture, rusty look of a bed, patina-colored photo frames, are only several stuff of vintage style. The list can go limitless.

To redo a master bed room into a vintage style also can save lots of your money. Flea market, garage sale, or even finding long forgotten items in the attic can be your sources of stuff in redoing master bed room in vintage look.

Keep Your peace with Navy Blue Master Bedroom

If you really need a rest in a calming atmosphere, try to paint your wall in a navy blue color. Combine it with white color on the bed, pillow, bed lamp table, floor and ceiling.

The blue serves as the dominating accent, just like the example. You can feel the peaceful and calming effects right away.

A Personalized Master Bed Room, A Real Yours

Nothing more enchanting than a personalized master bed room. It reveals the real you. And if you do the personalization on your own, that’ll be even better.

It shows your particular style. All you need is your taste and deft hands. The materials are abundant, you can find it on the furniture stores, flea market, or even you can use unused items in your house –just like this example.

Rustic Style Master Bed Room

Rustic Style makes a comeback recently. So, if you’re into this style, go ahead. Redo your master bedroom with this interesting style. A rustic style boasts its plain design.

It’s also characterized with bare and distressed tone of the materials used. Naked woods, metal, clay, rattan, or bamboo are staple of this style. Just take a look at this rustic master bedroom for ideas.

Grey Master Bed Room Idea for a Peaceful Day

Grey color is getting popular in these last years. Though you might probably think that this color is dull and uninteresting, try and take look on this example.

It looks light, comfortable, and peaceful. The key is its color combination. Combine grey color with its various shades. You also can combine it with white, brown, or blue-grey.

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Try the Daring Red

Red can be daring and sensual. It’s also invigorating. So, if you have playful mind, try this color mode. To balance the bright tone, balance it with the contrasting color.

In this example, the white color makes a good equilibrium to the red color, resulting a refreshing master bed room.

Accent Color Ideas for Master Bed Room

For a beautiful and calming master bedroom, try to play with colors. If you’ve already had classic and neutral colors in your room, add them with one or two accents colors.

Use contrasting color for the lampshade, a blanket (such as this example), or pillows. The color will boost your mood without reducing the calming effect of the room.

A Room with 5-Star Hotel Atmosphere

A 5-star hotel always offers to fundamental stuff in a room: comfort and style. You can try this for your room. First, keep everything simple and in one tone. Secondly, use calming colors for your room and furniture stuff. Dark blue or grey will be okay.

Combine them with some lighter colors like the example, it will be great. Thirdly, find high-quality bed covers, mattress, and pillow. Lastly, enjoy your room.

Soothing-Green Bed Room Idea

Green also present calming effect to the master bed owners. This example shows you how olive green accents the master bedrooms. It gives a refreshing feel to the room.

You can experiment with green color as well. Try to mix dark green and grey, Bohemian green, or any shades of green. And feel the calming and refreshing effects.

Awesome Headboard Ideas for Master Bedroom Idea

A headboard can play important role in refreshing. If you feel that the existing headboard in your room feels so bland, replace it with something of your taste.

This example offers a headboard with rustic look. It gives you a down-to-earth feel. It also add an organic atmosphere in the room, the one needed to keep you calm and refreshed.

Something Neutral for Master Bedroom Colors

Neutral colors, like brown, white, black, or grey inspire spaciousness and safety feeling to the host of a master bedroom. To avoid a boring atmosphere, try to add splashes of accenting colors or textured wallpaper, such as this example.

Bed Room Idea for Limited Space

Small room may presents problem when you want to utilize it as a master bedroom. Even so, you can avoid the cramped feel by using brighter and lighter color to make it feel larger.

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Try white color with a dab of bright accent colors. Lastly, optimize the room space by stick to minimalist design.

Master Bedroom Idea for a Large Room

Like a small room, large room can also present problems when you want to do the room rearranging. To avoid the empty air, add a sitting room. Put a sofa or small easy chair.

Put some book shelves on the wall. And gives soft-subdued color to the room for a refreshing air.

A Play with Purple Color

Once purple is a rare and majestic color, now it’s a playful and contemporary one. If you love to experiment, try this color for your master bedroom.

For a start, use light purple shade as accent to the room, combine it with lighter color like white or light grey. This picture is an awesome example of it.

Minimalist Master Bedroom Idea

This idea is great, especially if you want to make a master bed room out of a small room (though larger room can be as great as well.

The simple line and restricted choices of furniture, this style makes your room feels light, clean and comfortable. To avoid the cold air, add bright color accents or some ambient light.

Master Bedroom Design Ideas with Masculine Style

A masculine master bedroom usually use minimalist style, darker tone colors, and no-frill furniture. Rustic or industrial styles are also suitable for this type of room.

Bare wood, concrete, or iron combination are stuff you usually find in this room. See the detail in this example. Charming.

The Timeless White Color

White inspires cleanliness, lightness, and neatness. White also offers spaciousness. So, if you want to feel those sensations, try to have a master bed room with white color.

White all over, of course, would render a boring feeling. So, add bright or contrasting color accents into it. It’s so refreshing.

Gorgeous Attic Bedroom Idea

If you want more privacy, try to set your master bedroom in the attic. The once almost unvisited place, can be your marvelous gem of master bed room.

In this example, it combines white, light grey, and brown colors. They give a soothing effect most needed in a master bedroom.

So, are you ready to redo your master bed room? Redoing or building a master bedroom from a scratch will be easy if you already have had the key style. Hopefully this master bedroom design ideas can help you to find one that’s perfect for you.

James Parkinson