Stylish Modern House Plans For Your Modern Living

These days, so many people seek for modern house plans because of its characteristics. Modern architectural style emphasizes a lot on how a house functions rather than how it looks.

Despite so, by using geometrical shapes yet simple design, it manage to look unique, stylish, and never seem to be out of date. Not to mention, modern houses are adaptable to different kinds of terrain such as flat or slanted lot.

This architectural style provides a collection of designs suitable for everybody’s varied taste. Here are ten stylish modern house plans that may inspire you:

1. Striking Modern House in a Scenic Lot

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From outside, this house looks sleek and modern. There are many cube shapes and lines adorning the walls, the doors, and the windows. However, what makes it different from your other modern houses is the reversed living arrangement.

Usually you find living room, kitchen, and dining room on the first floor, but here they are built on the second level. Downstairs, on the other hand, is used for workspace or entertainment-related activities. Clearly, this house is perfect for those who want to have an unique and uncommon house.

2. Cubical Modern House

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This house is a must for those who lives in a metropolitan area. Because the shape of the house is cubical, it requires a much smaller lot than other houses. Despite its smaller size, that does not mean the house have fewer rooms.

On the main floor, family room, kitchen, and dining room are connected in one space without any boundary so they feel more spacious. The upper level is for bedrooms and bathrooms, along with laundry room for your convenience.

The lower level can be used for workspace, family room, and other rooms customized based on your needs.

3. Traditional Meets Modern House

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Traditional and modern styling are integrated through clean lines of the house structure. It has large windows which provide natural light, emphasizing the connection between indoor/outdoor living.

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It also has a rec room and art room for artistic family members. The kitchen and the dining room is seamlessly connected in one shared space. The upper level has all the bedrooms and a convenient laundry room.

4. Modern Farmhouse Plan

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Farmhouse aesthetic is reimagined in modern style. The exterior definitely adapts farmhouse look and hide the modern parts of the house.

This house itself is huge because it has three floors, providing five bedrooms, sports and exercising area, and many more. It also includes a garage for three cars. This house is excellent for those who have a huge family.

5. Mid-Century Modern House

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There is a juxtaposition between stone and wood on the exterior of the house. The top of the house play with geometric forms and the structure is full of sleek lines.

The living arrangement is shared in one big space and it has quick access to other rooms, courtyard, porch, and two car garage. This layout focuses on functionality, but it does not forget the sophisticated look.

6. Friendly and Compact Modern House

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It is a compact-sized house with only two bedrooms and one bathroom. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are sharing one open space without any walls. They are surrounded by a wooden porch which immediately connects to that shared space, even providing fast access to the master bedroom.

Not to mention, this house is also energy-wise, using latest technology to generate hot water and electricity. Definitely a good house plan for those who care for the environment.

7. Sustainable Modern House

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Here you will find a house with sustainable design to be energy efficient. While the exterior and interior spaces are connected due to outside porches, the inside of the house is packed with various rooms which you can design based on your taste. There is also a spacious garage for two cars. It is close to the master bedroom so you can access the garage quickly.

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8. Grandiose Modern House

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What makes this house luxurious is the great open-air living provided at the back of the house. There are verandah, outdoor kitchen, and cabana with a fireplace for you to spend your time with your family or your friends.

On the upper level, there are bedrooms with a balcony and decks where you can overlook your surroundings.

9. Modern House in the Woods

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For those who want to live alone and close to nature, this is a perfect getaway for you. There are two separate wings, connected by an entryway, that is unique for their own purposes: one wing is for your living arrangement, and the other wing is for your sleeping and personal arrangement.

The exterior itself is a marriage between modern and nature with its wooden roofdecks, steel hardware, etc. Everywhere you look, you are surrounded by the the beauty of forest and other panoramic nature scenes that you will not find anywhere in the city.

10. Chic Modern House

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The combination of cedar walls, stone, and glass windows make this beautiful and chic modern house.

The highlight of it is the open-air courtyard where you can leisurely communicate with your family or friends and inhale fresh air from your garden. You can directly see the shared space of the living room and dining room, along with the master suite.

Of course there are other rooms seamlessly connected to one another without occupying a lot of space. This way you can have a comfortable navigation around the house.

So, does the list above inspire you to build your own modern house?

James Parkinson