15+ Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Mix modern with artisan

This cooking area is distinctively modern with a craftsman twist which makes it fascinating. The wood trim offers it a craftsman ambiance, but the high gloss kitchen cabinetry and basic style give it a total contemporary appearance.

2. Usage numerous products in straight lines

There’s a lot going on here. Stainless steel, wood and acrylic finishes comprise this cooking area style. The under cabinet lighting, which is not subtle gives an additional shine not seen in many kitchens.

3. Mix acrylic high gloss with natural wood

The dark high gloss acrylic cabinets juxtaposes really nicely with the light natural wood countertops. You’ll see wood typically utilized in modern designs to temper the coolness of acrylics and metals.

4. Be strong with red and accept the steel

This screams modern-day. It’s a vibrant red with acrylic cabinetry blended with plenty of stainless steel. Straight lines throughout. I’ll state this; the red moods the stainless-steel better than one would think without really seeing it.

5. Gray, White and Chrome for Small Kitchen Spaces

I love this look. That warm gray is popular for kitchen areas; it definitely has a warming impact, which you would not expect gray to do, but the grain gets the job done. The high gloss white cabinets and modern chrome stools tip this kitchen into modern style nichely.

6. Modern isn’t constantly “streamlined straight lines”

Smooth, straight lines describes contemporary, however modern isn’t always straight lines. Check this cooking area out with curves throughout integrated with red, high gloss cabinets and stainless-steel.

7. Pour on the concrete

Perhaps modern-day commercial finest describes this concrete kitchen. It looks very cool with the concrete wall and island in an overall minimalist design.

8. Avoid the cabinet hardware

This design has flat-faced dark gray cabinets without any cabinet hardware. It releases that “smooth” appearance. The constant use rectangular shapes supply the subtle texture this otherwise austere kitchen area needs.

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9. Toss in Geometric Shapes All Over the Place

Attractive geometric shapes is a contemporary design hallmark. Below is an excellent example of a kitchen filled with intriguing rectangles and 3D cubes comprising the design. It’s an extremely reliable strategy for a modern ambiance regardless of the extremely un-modern color scheme.

10. The Modern Kitchen Cave

Many house kitchen areas are stashed in te corner and are tiny. Many have no windows making it cave-like. That’s all right. You can embrace the darkness with a dark modern appear like the example below.

11. Thick, open style

Have a look at the island. It’s a think, continuous open shape that gives off both solidness and openness at the same time. It’s incredible (although the lost storage area is unfortunate). You’ll likewise see the combination of 90 degree angles and spheres that make for an interesting look.

12. Crisp White Throughout

One method to accomplish that uber modern design is to gowth high gloss, all white cabinets. Add white ceiling, walls and flooring and you have one cold, but staunchly contemporary style. The only texture in the design listed below is the checkered stool backs. Astonishingly, those stools stand out in this kitchen whereas they wouldn’t in numerous other designs with even more texture.

13. Usage Lots of Glass

Glass-faced flat cabinets are a strong contemporary feature which is seen throughout the example listed below. It’s tempered with white stone which I think is a great combination.

14. Modern backsplash = modern kitchen?

This is not entirely a contemporary design, however I included it to reveal you how the backsplash option can tilt a kitchen area toward a specific style. The glass tile here provides it a really contemporary appearance. Picture the backsplash a terra cotta or Mediterranean tile. This would be an extremely different kitchen area.

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15. Flat panel kitchen cabinetry and applianes

Flat panel home appliances aren’t as popular as you ‘d think for excellent reason. Stainless-steel home appliances add range in a cooking area. Particularly they cool off the substantial usage of wood. You can see that here. I personally think stainless-steel fridge would enhance this kitchen area yet not jeopardize the modern flat-panel cabinetry.

Another notable feature is how the cabinets extend to the ceiling. That exaggerates the minimalistic impact of the flat panel kitchen cabinetry.

16. Integrate high gloss white with jet black

The black and white appearance is classic. It needs careful application, but when done well, it’s wonderful. The example listed below is mainly white, but tempered with a jet black ceiling, backsplash and flooring. You don’t typically see a black ceiling; normally the black is woven in other ways, but in this case I believe it works.

17. Modern blended with standard

I understand it’s insane to suggest a kitchen is both modern-day and traditional but that’s the sense I get when examining the example listed below. The area doesn’t shout modern, yet the kitchen cabinetry and island are certainly modern-day. I think it’s those pendant lights, dull ceiling, the failure of cabinets increasing to the ceiling and wood floor that compromise the general modern-day style. Nonetheless, one can comprehend how tempering modern-day to some degree is preferable.

18. White, black and … Glass?

I think this example is smart in how the warmly lit glass-faced cabinets provide the warmth to counter-balance the cool black and white cabinets and flooring. Speaking for floor, take a look at that black and white floor. It’s certainly efficient.

James Parkinson