20+ Coolest Pergola Pool Inspirations for a Comfortable Outdoor Space

Want to increase your house’ value? Add a pool. In case you want to sell it, you have an increased value now. This moves also bring additional comfort into your home, not to mention the increased fitness of the whole family.

Want to increase the value even more? Put a pergola for the pool. It add beauty to the pool and provide an artistic shade from the direct sun light. This pergola also offers nice focal point to the pool. Like to find pergolas for your pool? Try this charming 20+ pergola inspirations.

1. Contemporary Minimalist Rustic Pergola

Combine your pool with this contemporary minimalist pergola. It combines wood and steel frame, giving your pool an elegant contemporary look.

2. Pergola with Fountain

Add charm to the pool with this fountain pergola. You’ll have an artistic focal point with refreshing built-in fountain.

3. Practical 2-in-1 Pergola

This pergola serves as a pool shade and your patio. It also shades your pool bar. If you want a 2-in-1 pergola, choose this pergola design.

4. Patio Roofing as Pergola

This patio has protruding roofing, reaching over part of the poo. Making it a simple pergola which shade part of the pool. Enough to protect you from the heat if needed.

5. Unique and Natural Pergola

Need a pergola with natural materials? Try this pergola design with twigs. The combination of twigs and metal supports is charming enough to impress your friends.

6. Pergola with Rustic Charms

Rustic theme is always in demand. It’s warm and classic at once. This wooden pergola is no exception. You’ll love this one.

7. Contemporary Pergola Design

The fans of contemporary still will love this contemporary pergola design. It has simple lines with durable materials, a built-in fountain is also included, adding freshness to your pool.

8. Accent the Pool with Pergola

If you feel you have something miss from your pool, that probably pergola. You don’t need a full-blown pergola over it. An accent pergola like this illustration will complete your pool’s beauty.

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9. Chic and Elegant Retractable Pergola

If you don’t want your pergola hang over the pool all the time, this retractable pergola is a good choice. Fold the pergola when you want an open swimming pool, pull back when you need a shade. It’s so practical with its durable military grade materials and steel post.

10. Classic Rustic Pergola

Add elegance touch with this classic wooden pergola. The Corinthian post add beauty to this pergola. The unfinished look offers a warm and rustic feeling air to the pool. Nice.

11. Pergola in Mediterranean Style

Lounging under the shade of this Mediterranean pergola surely an unforgettable memory. The drapes add softness and warmness to this cool pool-side pergola.

12. White Modern Contemporary Pergola

Shade your pool bar with this charming pergola. Impress your guests with its clean line and attractive white color. It blends nicely with the surroundings.

13. Gorgeous Backyard Pool Pergola

As an alternative of regular standalone pergola, try this integrated pergola. It blends with the house roofing and partially act as roof patio. This style is also perfect for your tropical homes.

14. Simple Rustic Pergola

If you want a simple pergola design, this one suits well for your needs. The lines reminds you of a simple Japan style, this rustic pergola also offers Eastern peace.

15. Simple Pergola for Your Lap Pool

Level up your lap pool coolness with this simple pergola. You’ll only need quality wooden planks to build, you can even build it yourself.

16. Log Pergola with Rope Knots Accents

So far we have planks, metals or woods, as the pergola’s materials. Now we offer you a pergola in log style. It gives your pool organic tone. The rope knots add the more natural touches.

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17. Elegant and Refreshing Pergola

You don’t need loud design to stand out, try the simplest one and combine it with the nature. This pergola is a perfect example: simple, rustic, green, and elegant.

18. Charming Pergola with Naked Finish

Naked style feels casual and warm. As for wood, the grain also gives you certain organic feelings. This pergola wants you to feel the nature to the utmost level with its naked finish.

19. Pergola in Two-Tone

If you already have a charming pergola, and if you want to inject more charms into it, try this tips from the illustration. Play color with the pergola. Here you find a two-tone color combinations of white and rustic finishes. The drapes add an elegant air to the siting area, while the built-in fountain gives you a more refreshing atmosphere.

20. Pergola with Aged Wood & Classic Posts

In one with the nature is the ultimate goal of the urban designs. This pergola try its best to blend with the nature in its natural materials: the aged woods planks and classic posts. It gives your pool a classic Mediterranean tones. Warm and open.

21. Pergola for a Seaside Resort

Complete your infinity pool in your seaside resort with a simple tropical like this one. This pergola provides nice accents and shade for the floating deck. This pergola also serves as the back terrace roofing.

22. Floating Pergola in Contemporary Style

This pergola design gives a light and fresh tones to the pool with its floating design. It’s only supported by the side walls, with no otter support posts around, make it look like floating above the pool.

Found new inspiration for your pool pergola? We hope one of these 20+ pergola designs helps you to find ideas and insights in having your dream pergola.

James Parkinson