Comfortable Ranch Style Barndominium for Small Families

A living on the wide expanse of nature can be so challenging if you have not the right place to call home. Here Morton Buildings offers you one of their best home for the purpose.

It’s charming and durable. Yes, the company offers you a home which will withstand any weather conditions, and you still can live in comfort inside. It’s a ranch style barndominium, and it’s made of metal.

A barndominium? This home has the exterior character of a barn, a barn style home. And inside, you have a comfortable living space just like in a condominium.

As mentioned previously, this house is a metal house. It means that you should not worry about maintenance in the long range. You should not worry about pest control which otherwise you should consider if you have, for instance, a wood house.

A metal barndominium won’t need it. You’ll also have a minimalized fire risk. In short, overall, you’ll have a lesser insurance cost. This metal house also easy to build, and you won’t wait for long before you own and live comfortably in it. You only need to pick the suitable design and the building processes is ready to start.

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Just like this barndominium, you won’t find a boxy air of a barn. The exterior design has softened the barn character to its minimal levels, only left its rugged and durable looking tone.

The exterior is a combination of a classic wood ranch house and a contemporary one. You’ll meet woody feel of an old ranch house, thanks to the wood finish of the beams and trusses. It gives you a casual and warm atmosphere, casting away the rigid and cold tone of metal.

The combination of wood color and deep green color of the sidings make this ranch house blend nicely to the surroundings. In this picture, taken in winter, you still feel the cheer and warm tone of overall building look.

The choice of colors will blend well with the lush green woods surround it. Giving you a refreshing look all the time, winter or not. Semi-circle covered porch provides you a comfortable shelter from the weather. It also gives you a neat place to an evening coffee or enjoy other outdoor activities.

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Inside, you will find similar beauty, plus the modern comfort of a condo. The living room guarantees your pleasant days with those plush furniture and open layout.

This will be a cozy place for the family activities. The combination of light color on the wall and ceiling gives a calming but energizing atmosphere to the place.

The master bedroom is set apart from the other bedroom for an added privacy. The kitchen is ample enough to cater your family needs. It’s beautiful with the contemporary style. Attached to this 1470 sq. ft. (48’W x 16’H x 72’L + 42’W x 9’4″H x 35’L) house is spacious garage for your cars.

Angled view of the facade

View of the barndominium house from afar (front)

View of the barndominium house from afar (side)

View of the barndominium porch

Zooming in to the porch

Wood finish for the Steel frame

Classic-modern kitchen of the barndominium

Living room area, warm with an antic fireplace

Comfortable Master Bedroom

The Barndominium Garage, snug and spacious

James Parkinson