15 Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

Creating a great Shabby Chic Bedroom can help a lot because it makes it easy to bring in front a romantic, yet visually appealing bedroom.

In fact, you can use these ideas to make it into a cool and exciting sanctuary that you can enjoy being a part of all the time.

Rachel Ashwell is a designer that invented the Shabby Chic Bedrooms and she wanted something visually distinctive, unique but also with a great style.

And the best part is that you can easily bring in your own ideas into the mix and customize this on your own.

It can be a great opportunity and one of those things that really push the boundaries all the time.

Retain a Single Tone

The great thing about this studio is that it combines contemporary, shabby chic and Wabi Sabi styles.

It helps a lot and if you add some cool pendant lights it looks even better. If you can include some slipcovers, that’s even better.

Accent Combinations

Shabby Chic Bedrooms need to be fun and that’s what you get here, a great combination of colors that provide a masterful experience.

You have a statement wall with a great wallpaper as well as all kinds of prints on the headboard and other regions.

You can bring in a lot of contrast and unique features while making it as simple or as complex as you want.

Pink nuances make this a lot more cohesive, and you can use various color combinations for chairs or tables.

The Tailored Option


We like this one because it’s Shabby Chic however it can also be very fancy at the same time.

You can add in a wallpaper, framed prints, great headboard upholstery and a country chic French dresser.

Ideally you want to retain a tonal look just to bring in a sense of being even and of a great quality. With some shabby chic accents you can do wonders here if you want.

Vintage Appeal

This idea comes from a very popular home and it enhances character while also solidifying the Shabby Chicness of it all.

The combination of a vintage bed frame with contemporary furniture really pays off.

You will have to keep the frilly bedskirts if you can, as that will always pay off and it will pave the way in an incredible manner.

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Bringing The Modern Touch

A good Shabby Chic Bedroom will be ok with a modern touch. The idea here is to bring in those gray and blue tones.

These accents show a sense of modernism and they still maintain a great style.

But at the same time you show that you can be chic and modern, which is always a tricky thing to balance.

Find The Right Deals

This type of Venetian headboard helps a lot when it comes to exuding that vintage appeal.

It works great because it delivers the tremendous set of ideas and visuals while also showing off the quality you expect.

The ironwork is nice, but at the same time you have soft materials. And then there’s the Aubusson tapestry that gives the French allure too.

The Monochrome Cocoon that Really Stands Out

What you will notice with this shabby chic idea is that it basically takes over the entire room.

You will need to use various materials that bring in lots of layers to really make it stand out.

This is basically a large cocoon where you can stay comfortable and just enjoy your time. It’s a great place to dream in, and it offers perfect relaxation.

The Bohemian Style

Bohemian styles are always fun to use and they push the boundaries when it comes to modern ideas and features.

You can be as creative as you want and it will surely push the boundaries when it comes to quality and value.

The artwork added to the walls and unique color combinations allow you to express yourself.

And this is more minimalist, which means you can convey a sense of space and relaxation without any issue.

Bring life to each Corner

A cool chandelier and some throw pillows, combined with some artwork are all the decorations you need sometimes.

The rug is plush based and it’s super comfortable and easy to use, certainly one of the better options that you can find on the market in this regard.

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Plant Lover Paradise

If you love plants then it definitely makes a lot of sense to add greenery to your shabby chic.

You will boost the overall visual appeal of your place. And then you can have a blush pink linen, some throw blankets to complement the greenery and so on.

It’s a great opportunity and one of the features that really work all the time.

Try Out Various Contrasts

Contrasts can be tricky to pull off. But you can go with some simple canopies and white painted twin beds.

Then you have the green, pink and rose ideas that really push things to the next level.

The Environment Can Inspire You

In this case you have a shabby chic bedroom that has coastal features inspired by the overall location.

Adding in a side table made out of wood, ocean pictures and a jute rug helps a lot when it comes to instilling that beach idea.

The item will fit the theme in general, and you have that contemporary set of features to appreciate and enjoy every time.

Mute Colors Can Still Work

There’s no need to go over the top, sometimes muted colors can still be really good too.

This is giving in an icy tone but at the same time you combine it with minimalism. And in the end that pushes the boundaries that showcase a very refined, interesting system you do not want to miss.

Traditional and Modern Mixes

Curating and adapting details help a lot. The black painted door with its white door knobs shows that a combination of traditional and modern is indeed possible.

Your items need to have a purpose, don’t try to go over the top and just enjoy the process, it will help a lot.

Keeping It Simple and Classy

The shabby chic style is all about bringing in class and a great sense of value.

You will need to use loose linen and also bring in that antique floor mirror.

Keep the colors neutral and then add in a touch of color with the items that you want to include inside your room!

James Parkinson