10 Best Inspiring Small House Plans

Many people seek for beautiful small house plans, but the lot requirement is just too big or too expensive and they do not have the money or the needed space. It is especially hard in urban area, where the population and the infrastructure just keeps growing and growing without end in sight.

Therefore, they have to make up for it by utilizing the narrow lots to its fullest potential by planning to build a small house.

A living space does not have to have a large space. It only needs a well functioning design, which can be provided by small houses too. Also, smaller space does not mean it should sacrifice style. It can adapt any style very well from traditional to modern.

Here are ten small house plans that may inspire you:

1. Wooden Contemporary Studio

The wooden exterior surely brings you to the forest atmosphere. It has two floors with big and calm enough space for you to work and live.

The upper floor is a studio for you to enhance your skills, kitchenette and bathroom, plus two rooms that you can modify into offices or bedrooms.

Lower level is a garage for two cars and rooms for mechanical room and storage.

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2. Compact-Sized Cottage

This house is small for it only has two bedrooms and one bathroom. Living room, dining room, and kitchen are sharing one open space, which connects to the friendly wooden porch.

This house is also efficient in using energy, using latest technology to generate hot water and electricity.

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3. Cabin Style Small House

This house may look incredibly small from the outside like a doll house, but it actually has two floors and big enough space for two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Dining room, kitchen, and living room are connected in one space. There is also a study for you to revel in your hobbies in a private space. It is a perfect place for you to get away from the city noises.

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4. Tropical Modern Small House

This house is stretched wide to the sides. Wooden deck welcomes you to chill out with your family or friends and gaze out to beautiful scenery in front of you.

Along the deck, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and dining room are laid out horizontally where you can access each room quickly in one stride. This house is adaptable to any kind of environment and works perfectly both as a holiday house or primary residence.

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5. Traditional Bungalow Style Small House

As opposed to the house above, this house is stretched wide to the back to utilize the narrow lot fully. The exterior is adapted from traditional aesthetic, eliciting homey feeling right off the bat. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Kitchen, dining room, and living room are semi-open. There is also a gallery for you to show off your arts and collections. At the rear of the house, there is a deck where you can leisurely sit on your chair and bask in the warm sunlight.

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6. Elegant Craftsman Small House

Despite the narrow lot, this Craftsman design does not waste any space. Right from the entry you are welcome to the shared space of living room, kitchen, and dining room to the left and a hallway of bedrooms to the right.There is also a coatroom, laundry, and mudroom for your conveniences.

A comfortable covered patio is also available for you to have fresh air and look at the gorgeous view. For your vehicles, a garage for two car is provided.

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7. Stylish Cubical Small House

This house adapts the form of a cube in such stylish way. Its building is L-shaped and has a flat rooftop with a serene pool that takes up the rest of the space. Its walls are adorned with panels and vertical trim boards, emphasizing on the elegancy of modernism.

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There is also an additional garage for two cars shaped like a cube. The clean lines of this house really defines the limit between private and public spaces while also connecting them.

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8. Modest Cottage Style Small House

Supported by strong posts, this house offers functional yet cozy place for you to live. Living room, dinner, and kitchen are shared in one open space.

It has three bedrooms and each of them has its own closet. It is suited for any kind of lots and its design is energy efficient.

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9. Beachfront Small House

This house is good for flood-prone areas. It has two bedrooms and one bathroom. Living room, kitchen, and dining room are connected in semi-open space and features cathedral ceilings.

However, the highlight of this house is the wide porches, illusioning the small lot into a larger space than it should be. Here, you can have the opportunity for outdoor living and admire the views around you.

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10. Cozy Craftsman Small House

This house looks simpler compared to others, but it definitely has an excellent functionality and can cater to any needs and situations. The default house plan has living room that can work as an entertainment as well.

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Next to it is kitchen/dining room space and in front of it is the large master suite. Upstairs, there are space that can be modified into attic storage or bedrooms. This house does not waste on any resources, money, and time for it is simple but still incredibly charming and beautiful.

So, does the list above inspire you to build your own small house?

James Parkinson