Stunning Modern Barndominium Plans for a Small Family

If you look for modern barndominium plans, here we try to offer you one of the neatest. This plan is particularly suitable for a small family, for it is specially built for a small family.

But you can always expand it to suit your family needs. Yes, a barndominium. If some of you still in the dark of what the barndominium is, it’s a style that is getting popular recently.

Just like the name implied, the style is a combination of a barn and a condominium. It means that you get a barn style house, but with all the modern comfort of a condo inside.

The plan is laid out by the prominent Morton Buildings. If you’ve seen the pictures accompanying the plan, the house has a blended style. It has the classic lines of a barn with addition of contemporary style.

The result is awesome, you get an elegant house without the ‘heaviness’ of an old style. Instead, you get an airy and light atmosphere. The lighting is also well considered.

Big windows are in the right places to give you all the natural light. Combined with the lush green outside, this house plan is perfect for your family health.

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The barndominium has a perfect location. It’s just outside of a green woods, giving the house a wholesome location for the owners. The barn style exterior is cute with its simple old-school design.

The perfect color combination of metal sidings and roof, won’t make you think that you’ll live in a ‘tin house.’ It’s superb house with the peaceful ambience of a cottage or even a log cabin.

With the calming color (wine color shade, cream, brown, and sienna), the facade look serene and soothing. And they are still amplified by 6 pillars for the overall balance. Nice exterior.

This barndominium plan is suitable for a small family. As you can see from the entry point. It’s covered with covered porch, a nice place to do outdoor activities when the weather’s not permitted. Wood fence surround this house, further giving the barn and rustic style to the home.

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From the outside, you can see a 3-door garage. It’s enough to shelter your rides. Apart from its function, you can use the garage as your workshop as well. For surely this will give you ample space for the purpose.

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Inside, you’ll meet a modern layout, full of modern appliances (and comfort). The wall, painted with Oriental yellow, looks charming and elegant. The living room offers a comfortable social meeting place for the family or with friends. It’s set in simple layout, with open floor plan.

The rooms has their own style, with master bedroom way from other bedrooms –for more privacy. All are in subdued color tones, to create the serene atmosphere which is essential for the host.

The kitchen set in open style, with a cute island for preparing food or a quick meal. Overall, this 42’W x 13’4″H x 54’L + 36’W x 9’H x 38’L barndominium is awesome for your small family.

The house from the outside of the fence

Zooming in to the house

The Side view of the house

The Front View offers a Simple but Elegant Style

Another Side View of the house

View of the house, from an angle

The Spacious Garage

Spacious and rustic Master’s bedroom

The neat and efficient kitchen

The warm and comfortable living room

James Parkinson