Superb Metal Building Home with Gigantic Garage, plus Floor Plan

Want a rugged and maintenance-free house? Try this a metal building home. Apart from the building quality, the metal exterior guarantee you of a safe environment, free from any distracting external nuisances.

If you’re in need this kind of house, try contact Lester Buildings. Here’s an example of their works, a 60′ x 100′ x 18′ metal home building. This home comes with many superb features, including a gigantic garage.

Elegant Metal Farm House

The house has simple farmland house style. It looks nice with the expansive farmland all around. The blue-white tones is simply classic. And with those craftsman style pillars, your farm house is a complete beauty.

Modern farm house metal home

Long-shot view of Modern farm house metal home

Cozy Kitchen with Wooden Theme

A nice home won’t be complete with an awesome kitchen. This metal building home has one which would make you want to always in it, experimenting with your favorite recipes.

The wooden theme of this kitchen matches with the green farmland around the house. It also gives you the cozy and warm feeling.

Pleasant Kitchen with warm and cozy wooden theme

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The glass door (leading to the garage from the living room and kitchen) adds charm and accent to the interior

The Impressive Gigantic Garage

As the special feature of this metal building home is its super massive garage. As you see in the picture. It can swallows car, your tractor, and any other farm equipment easily.

And you still have enough room for other stuff. Need a workshop for your hobbies or else, this garage suits well. You can even have a small factory here. In short, this garage is just gigantic.

The impressive and massive garage

Centralized Control Switches

For such a large house and garage, you’ll need a centralized control switches to handle any of your electrical or mechanical system of the house easily. You also need it in the neatest way, like this illustration.

All the piping, wiring, or housings, are arranged in the most organized system. No clutter at all, it’s almost beautiful and satisfying.

Centralized control switches

Barn Style Door

These doors remind you to the barn doors, only they would swing to a side, not of sliding type like the barn doors. But all these reminiscence are sufficient to get you the comfortable feeling of a pleasant farmland living. The clear finishes only enhance the rustic air of this house.

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Charming wooden doors, a reminiscence of a barn’s wooden door

The Cozy Living Room

This house has a multifunction room, with open layout which set the kitchen, dining area and living room in the same room area. This enable you to move freely between the areas, increasing your mobility and efficiency.

This room also next to the big garage. The living room itself looks inviting, ready to help you to release all your tense and work’ pressure with its plump and comfortable seating.

The cozy living room

The Floor Plan

For the detailed layout of this 60′ x 100′ x 18′ metal home building, the following floor plans can help you.

60′ x 100′ x 18′ metal home building floor plan

You’ve seen one the superb metal building home. Now if you’re interested to this home, contact Lester Buildings for further information. We hope you enjoy this small article. Have a nice day.

James Parkinson