10 Tiny House Plans For Your Frugal Life

One of the trending movements these days are tiny house movement, where people live a simple life in tiny houses, usually sized under 500 square per feet.

This movement advocates minimalist lifestyle, eco-friendly choices, and financial prudence.

Tiny houses are perfect for those who wants to live modestly, wants to minimize financial costs, or those who want to be self-sufficient in a shared community.

Here are ten tiny house plans that may inspire you:

1. Elegant Tudor Style

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Despite its tiny size, the exterior sets the character of the house very well with its inspired Tudor aesthetics. Kitchenette and a walk-in closet is included in the main room.

There is also a lovely small porch for you to relax in. This design is good as a starter house or as a guest house.

2. Stylish Contemporary

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This tiny house is stretched wide to make up for the tiny lot with a well-designed layout that even includes a small pool. It has a full kitchen and living room, plus a bedroom where you can fit your queen-sized bed in it.

Under the sloped ceilings, this private space is connected to the patios where you can greet your friends and dine with them. The tall windows also brings in the natural light and add a contemporary touch to the house.

3. Wooden Contemporary Beach

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This house is like a sibling to the house above with similar layouts except for the lack of pool, different roof shape, and the wooden exterior.

The patios are raised and can be used for outdoor dining and hang out with your friends. It also provided with built-in bench and planters where you can plant your plants and make your house prettier than before.

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4. Charming Modern

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This charming little house does not waste any space by combining living arrangement and sleeping arrangement within one open space. It provides a full bathroom and built-in L-shaped kitchen.

The mix between wooden walls and painted one definitely can make you feel warm. Not to mention the combination of flat and sloped rooftop adds a whole new dimension to the house.

5. Wooden Cottage Style

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This one is the tiniest of them all. It only takes up 112sq/feet with all of its corners are filled with functionality.

It has a cathedral ceiling so it feels larger while simultaneously give enough space for your bedroom with provided skylight. From entry, you are immediately welcomed by tiny kitchen and a narrow hall to the great room.

Across the kithen, a bathroom is available. Shelves are built into the pine walls where you can put in your books and trinkets. Despite its tiny size, the strong wooden beams will make this house formidable.

6. Simple Cottage Style

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Looking for affordable house? Then this one is perfect for you. It is affordable because of its simple and clean design without any complicated furnishings and decorations.

The great room can be used both for dining and living room. Even if this house is considered tiny, it provides two bedrooms. One bedroom can even be modified into a laundry room. It even has a loft due to the pitched ceilings where you can custom it into storage space or another room based on your needs.

7. Cubical Modern Style

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While the rooftop is slightly sloped, this house really follows the form of a cube. It is supported by strong, sustainable posts and foundations. You immediately find the main room right from entry, while other rooms like kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom occupy the sides of the house.

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At the rear, there is a deck where you can revel in the panoramic scene laid out in front of you. The exterior is incredibly unique because it is rolled hot steel sidings which evokes the rawness of city architecture.

8. Bright Cottage Style

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Another house for those who seek to save cost. A simple layout with uncomplicated building materials keeps the construction cost low, but still keeps style on check.

This house has a cathedral ceiling that provides space for a loft, accessed by a ladder in the kitchen. A fireplace is placed neatly in the great room, evoking coziness and warmness in the room.

9. Bungalow Style

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This bungalow style house is designed with simplicity in mind. Despite so, it manages to bring lots of natural light into the house. The great room can be for hangout session or indoor dining.

The kitchen space is filled with dishwasher, oven, and built-in microwave. Through there, you can access the large bedroom. For the space above the main room, you can modify it into a sleeping loft or a cathedral ceiling.

10. Farmhouse Style

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This house is supposed to be a farmhouse style bathhouse, but a large bedroom can be built at the rear of the house for your sleeping arrangement.

The main space has two shower rooms and two WCs. It is wrapped with whimsical porch which evokes friendly atmosphere.

So, does the list above inspire you to build your own tiny house?

James Parkinson