Unbelievably Affordable Steel Kit Homes for $37k

Finding a suitable home can be a difficult task for some of us. But with the rise of new housing technology, now you can have your own house kit, a steel kit homes, just like a knock-down furniture.

Only this one is your house. It’s pre-engineered to your needs and made from the high-quality metals. And it starts from affordably $37,000.
Simple Home, Cozy Home

You need no fancy and big house to get happy and cozy living. This small steel kit homes also offers you the same, and more. With this house, you won’t need additional cost for extra maintenance.

The metal structure guarantee you a safe and maintenance-free house for a long time. With an open front porch, you can enjoy your time anytime without being worry about the elements.

The open porch, view from the front

Long-shot view of the similar house

Elegant Entrances

You’ll have several house designs with different entrances. For instance, you house with cross-gable roof design with main door under the cross-gable structure.

You also have a house with simple gamble roof and an open porch. All has charming looks, the choice is yours.

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House entrance under thee cross-gable roof

Steel kit homes with simple gable roof with entrance under the open porch

The Durable Metal Frame

All the roofing, sidings, and frames of this steel kit home is of quality metal. Once fixed on its foundation, it’ll stay strong and durable for a long time. With this kit house, you’ll only need a land and a foundation. And then you’ll have your charming house in a short time.

The strong and durable metal frame in the assembling process

The Charming Modern Kitchen

Your day won’t be so fun without a fully equipped kitchen. This kitchen adds elegance to your home, apart from its function to serve your family tummies.

Spent your leisure days in this kitchen, making your favorite recipes, surely will be your memorable moments. This kitchen also has island table for easy food preparation, or any quick meals.

The elegant kitchen and island table

The Comfortable Living Room

You need nothing of a living room except its coziness. If you have both the coziness and look, this living room will be your example.

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It’s small but stylish and comfortable. The old and vintage air looks inviting. Just imagine sitting in front of the old fireplace in mid-winter. Cozy.

The cozy living room

Lovely old fireplace and easy chair

Charming Vintage Bathroom

A special feature of this steel kit homes is this bathroom. It has simple layout but thick with vintage style. So if you’re into this style. You’ll love this bathroom.

Delightful tub and the overall vintage air are so charming

A Warm Contemporary bedroom

As the last resort from the long and tiring day, you need a haven. And this contemporary bedroom will be your castle of comfort and else.

The contemporary bedroom

With Price starting from $37,000, these steel kit homes offer features that simply irresistible. You have the style and comfort.

And the most important, you won’t have to dig too deep into your pocket for the house.

James Parkinson